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A Cheeky Duo
A Cheeky Duo
A Cheeky Duo

                                                        A Cheeky Duo

                                                        A Cheeky Duo

                                                        A Cheeky Duo


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A Cheeky Duo

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Beauty Bento Stacked Bouncy Eyeshadow Trios

Cheeky Stamp Bouncy Liquid Cushion Blush with Heart-Shaped Stamp

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Customize your eye & cheek set to create your best makeup look with our online-only bundle of our Beauty Bento Bouncy Eyeshadow Trio and Bouncy Liquid Cushion Blush with Heart-Shaped Stamp.

  • Beauty Bento is a 2019 Allure Best of Beauty winning stacked, creamy, powder eyeshadow in curated trios of shimmers, mattes, or combinations of shimmers and mattes.
  • Cheeky Stamp is a cushion blush formula, with a heart-shaped applicator, that blends out to a sheer-to-buildable flush of color.
Beauty Bento
Beauty Bento
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Cheeky Stamp
Cheeky Stamp
Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product Vegan?
Beauty Bento in the shades Toasted Caramel, Chocolate Dahlia, Velvet Dream, and Neutral Moment are all Vegan. 

All other Beauty Bentos shades are not Vegan.

Cheeky Stamp is Vegan.

Is this product cruelty-free?
Yes, Kaja is a cruelty-free brand and Beauty Bento & Cheeky Stamp have not been tested on any animals.

Is this product Gluten-free?
Yes, Beauty Bento & Cheeky Stamp are formulated without Gluten.

Does this product contain Soy?
Beauty Bento in the shades Rosewater, Orange Blossom, Toasted Caramel, Sparkling Rosé, Hella Azalea, Poppy Champagne, Glowing Guava, Chocolate Dahlia, Mocha Spritz, Spiked Ginger, and Alotta Cotta are formulated with Soy.

Beauty Bento in the shades Neutral Moment and Velvet Dream are formulated without Soy.

Cheeky Stamp is formulated without Soy.

Does this product contain any Parabens?
No, Beauty Bento & Cheeky Stamp do not contain any Parabens.

Where was this product manufactured?
All Kaja products are proudly designed and made in South Korea with the highest quality manufacturers.

What is the formula of this product?
Beauty Bento is a curated trio of matte and/or shimmer eyeshadow powders. Cheeky Stamp is a liquid cushion blush formula that blends out to a sheer-to-buildable flush of color.

How do you use this product?
To use Beauty Bento, apply with fingers or makeup brushes to create your own custom look. Make a statement with a single shade or add multiple layers for bold, multi-dimensional color. 

To use Cheeky Stamp, twist top to reveal heart-shaped applicator. Pop open bottom compact. Press sponge into product and stamp on the apples of cheeks. Blend immediately with fingertips. For a sheer wash of color apply once, for a bolder blush apply twice.

Has this product won any awards?
Yes, Beauty Bento has won Allure's Best of Beauty in 2019.

Is Mica used in this product?
Yes, all shimmer shades in Beauty Bento contains Mica.

Cheeky Stamp contains Mica.

Is the Mica in this product sustainably sourced?
The Mica used in KAJA products is sourced from a variety of countries including US, India, China, and Japan. We have received certificates from all of our suppliers confirming the Mica used in our products is ethically sourced without the use of child labor.

Recycling Instructions

Box is made of FSC Paper. Place in curbside recycling or compost.


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