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4 Reasons Why Don’t Settle Is the Best Concealer for Dry Skin

4 Reasons Why Don’t Settle Is the Best Concealer for Dry Skin

Everyone’s skin is different, but if you are someone who tends to experience dry skin, you know how difficult it can be to find makeup products that work with your skin, not against it. Sometimes, if you use the wrong kind of product, your skin can feel drier than it was before! This is especially true of concealer, a necessary product in everybody’s makeup bag.

At Kaja, we want to provide our Kuties with products that work well, especially for any makeup novices, experts, and anyone in between who has dry skin.

We think that the Don’t Settle concealer is for anyone with dry skin (but do not worry; if you have combination or any other skin type, you will want to check out this concealer too!). Read on to learn all about Don’t Settle and why it works for dry skin.

1. Light-fix Technology for the Win

The Don’t Settle concealer is a must-have makeup product for so many reasons, but those of you with dry skin should run to your nearest Sephora to purchase it because of the light-fix technology it utilizes alone.

If the term “light-fix” confuses you, do not fret! All that term refers to is the formula Don’t Settle is made from, and its properties that make the concealer so lightweight and a gentle fix for the skin.

Many concealers on the market can be so heavy and made from ingredients that seep into the pores and dry out the skin even more, but the Don’t Settle concealer falls on the opposite side of the spectrum. Our concealer is meant to provide light-to-medium coverage so that it will feel easier on the skin, while still covering up any undesired spots or blemishes on the face.

People with dry skin should absolutely be searching for products that use light-fix technology in their formulas, and that is exactly what the Don’t Settle concealer does!

2. A Liquid Concealer that Can’t Be Beat

Knowing the light and easy technology that is utilized to create the Don’t Settle concealer formula is critical, and reason enough alone to add it to your shopping cart — and the product only gets better!

Anyone with dry skin knows they need to be conscious of the kind of materials they put on their skin, especially the face, where the skin is sensitive and delicate. That’s why liquid concealer is typically the best route to take for any dry-skin-having makeup aficionado, and Don’t Settle’s liquid formula can’t be beaten!

Powders and matte sticks can be great options, but for optimal coverage and skin protection, liquid concealer is a superior texture. Don’t Settle only comes in liquid form, and is packaged with an application stick, which makes for convenient and efficient application techniques.

Kaja’s highly rated concealer has the liquid texture and the light-fix technology in the formula work in tandem to help provide the best coverage and results for all skin types, especially dry skin. Together, these features enable the concealer to be applied smoothly with ease, which then produces a lightweight, airy feel on the skin.

The concealer’s liquid formula creates a texture that melts onto the skin at the moment of application, making your skin feel great, while also doing a stellar job covering up any undesired spots, blemishes, or dark circles.

Liquid formulas are the Renaissance-man of concealers; they can do it all from full coverage to a quick touch-up on a pesky pimple. Don’t Settle is a concealer must-have concealer for all your coverage needs, especially for those with dry skin.

3. No Caking and No Creasing With Don’t Settle

Many concealers have the fickle habit of creasing, smudging, and caking throughout the day. People with dry skin already have to worry about finding products that won’t irritate and dry out the skin even more, so having to also find a concealer that won’t crease and cake on can make the product search a bit daunting. Kaja’s Don’t Settle, however, checks off all the boxes for concealer.

Because of dry skin, makeup can sometimes build up thickly on the face and create a caked-on look, which defeats the purpose of covering spots up. Nobody wants their makeup to look cakey, especially since that also means they will likely be able to feel the heaviness of that product. Don’t Settle completely erases that reality.

Because of the lightweight technology, the concealer will feel airy and light, almost like a second skin, and there will be absolutely no caking in sight. Kaja’s products strive to provide our Kuties with a natural finish.

There is nothing more frustrating than applying makeup, only to find that it has smudged and faded throughout the day. Don’t Settle refuses to make that a reality. Instead, the formula enables the product to look natural, while providing a long-lasting coverage that won’t smudge.

Don’t Settle is a concealer that provides sufficient coverage, but also comes together in a natural finish, so creasing, smudging, and caking are not possible with the formula.

Concealer is meant to do exactly that: conceal. So if makeup is creasing and caking in places, it is not successfully concealing. Don’t Settle avoids that problem with its light-fix technology and natural coverage.

4. Added Benefits of Don’t Settle

The Don’t Settle liquid texture, light-fix technology, and lack of creasing and caking make it a concealer that is ideal for anyone with dry skin. But aside from the reasons that make Kaja’s top concealer so great for dry skin, it also has an array of other meaningful benefits that ought to be considered!

1. Cruelty-Free

Kaja’s Don’t Settle concealer is vegan and cruelty-free. What this means for all our Kutie consumers is that Kaja does not test on animals when inventing the formulas for our products. No creatures were harmed in the making of Don’t Settle.

Cruelty-free products are crucial, as it reduces the number of innocent animals being tested on, but it is also generally better for consumers anyways! Products that are cruelty-free tend to contain far less harmful chemicals, so you are not only making an ethical choice when shopping Kaja, you also protect your skin.

2. Diverse

Diversity in makeup and beauty products is vital, and any brand that makes an effort to be inclusive in the products they sell should be on your radar. Kaja absolutely makes diversity a priority with all our products, but especially with our concealer.

Don’t Settle concealer comes in a wide range of shades, so that everyone, regardless of skin tone, can reap the benefits of using Kaja’s concealer. As a k-beauty brand, diversity and inclusion are values that are near and dear to the heart of the company, so we strive to create products that are not only diverse in terms of the skin types that our products cater to, but also in the skin tones that are represented.

3. Affordable

Possibly the most important factor that our concealer brings to the table is our affordability. For the cheap price of only $19 , you can access a designer-quality concealer. Don’t Settle proves that you do not need to shell out for expensive products when the quality of our affordable concealer is just as good (if not better).

You Won’t Settle With Don’t Settle

Often when it comes down to buying makeup and beauty products, it truly can feel like you have to just settle with average, especially if you have dry skin. But at Kaja, we actively work to make sure that every Kutie gets the best possible quality.

The name of the Don’t Settle concealer speaks for itself: don’t settle! Don’t Settle is the best possible concealer for dry skin and any other skin type. With the light-fix technology and liquid formula, as well as being diverse, cruelty-free, and affordable, it is a concealer that can’t be beaten.

Whether you have dry skin and finally want to commit to a concealer that you know will work, or you just enjoy using high-quality products, Don’t Settle is absolutely the product for you. So don’t settle and grab your perfect shade of Don’t Settle ASAP.


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