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4 Cream Blush Looks We’re Crushing On

4 Cream Blush Looks We’re Crushing On

Cream blush is a must-have in every makeup aficionado’s bag. Unlike powder blush, cream blush is a liquid-based formula that uses clean, hydrating ingredients that allow the blush to seamlessly glide and blend into the skin, instead of being meticulously patted on with a blush brush.

Kaja’s own cream blush, Whipped Dream, is a k-beauty product that uses vegan, clean, and moisturizing ingredients that help our Kuties achieve an airy and semi-matte finish. Whipped Dream will feel great on the skin, and will also be the perfect product to help you achieve whatever blush look you try out.

In the world of TikTok and beauty influencers, there are new, creative ways to apply blush being invented constantly, and we have curated a list of our favorite cream blush looks that you have to try out.

From classics to new favorites, you need to check out these fabulous cream blush looks. Coming in a range of four refined shades, you will want to grab Whipped Dream blush, and get to work on your new favorite blush technique ASAP.

Classic Rosy Cheeks

Sometimes, it’s necessary to go back to the basics, and one of the oldest, yet timeless, ways of applying blush is to simply define your cheeks with a pop of color. There are, however, even some variations in how you can go about the iconic cheek application technique.

A Natural Flush

One of the best characteristics of cream blush is its versatility; with the variation of shades available to experiment with, you can decide how much color you want to have on your cheeks. Cream blush truly meets everyone’s needs.

For instance, if you are someone who wants to nail down a blush routine that is suitable for professional life, or regular day-to-day activities, you will probably want to opt for a hint of color that is more neutral and understated — just a natural flush of red to brighten your face. Cream blush can help you achieve that subtle, but flawless look.

Choose a lighter shade of your favorite cream blush, and gently apply it to your cheeks--a great means of applying cream blush, FYI, is to take a small amount of the blush on your fingers and lightly rub it into the area of your cheeks you would like it to highlight, and then blend either using your fingers, a brush, or a beauty blender.

Doing so will add a natural flush of color to your cheeks, and give you a subtle, but classy look for the day.

A Bold Statement

On the other hand, many individuals enjoy trying out bold, dramatic looks that demand the attention of others. If you enjoy standing out and wearing darker, more attention-grabbing shades, but still want to keep it classic with the rosy cheek look, cream blush has still got you covered.

Grab a bold, vibrant shade of cream blush and generously apply it to your cheeks, blending it in so that it comes out even. By doing so, you will still have that classic flushed cheek look, while making it your own by utilizing striking colors.

Contour Blush

Contouring has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years. It is a technique that typically uses bronzer, highlighter, and concealer to outline certain parts of the face, among other body parts, to sculpt and enhance your natural bone structure. It may seem unconventional to contour with blush, but it is a glamorous look that has actually been around for decades.

Contouring with blush has been around since the 70s when Cher’s makeup artist popularized it with her unique glam looks.

This style of makeup application was a huge trend during the disco era and is making a huge comeback in the modern beauty world. Much like a classic cheek application, blush contouring can be as dramatic or understated as you would like, that is all depending on the shade of cream blush you opt for.

This technique is not as involved as it sounds. All you need to accomplish a beautiful blush contour is your favorite shade of cream blush, and then apply it like a “C” down your cheekbone and slightly around the under-eye region. Then, all that is left to do is blend it in using your tool of choice, although for this technique a beauty sponge or blender might be the most effective.

To mimic those dramatic, loud flushes of contour from the 70s and 80s, pick a darker shade of rouge and apply it generously to your cheekbones. This style will certainly add definition to your face, and the bold colors will command the attention of everyone in the room.

For a subtle but chic glam look, choose a lighter, more natural cream blush. This way, you will successfully sculpt your face, and add that natural flush of color that never goes out of style.

Blush on the Nose

Colorful noses have a bit of an eclectic reputation. Between clowns and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, many people have strange associations with the style. But long gone are the days of red noses belonging to characters.

The beauty community has innovated the blush game by creating techniques of applying cream blush to the nose so that it adds definition to its natural structure, and creates a cute, playful pop of color.

Many have experienced going outside on a cold day and then coming indoors to see an adorable flush of red on the tip of their nose that will soon disappear now that they are out of the frigid climate. Now, we can use cream blush to apply it to the tip of the nose and blend it in to recreate this phenomenon, regardless of the season.

Celebrities and influencers alike have been spotted rocking this adorable blush technique. A-list model and actress Emily Ratajkowski represents this look frequently and shows how effortlessly fabulous this mode of applying cream blush truly is.

You can add some extra flair to the nose-tip highlight, by contouring the nose using blush as well. With a light line of cream blush down the bridge of the nose, you can add some definition to its shape, and achieve a nice pop of color that makes you look rosy and sun-kissed.

Cream Blush Your Way

There is no limit to the ways you can apply your cream blush. Makeup is an outlet to get creative, so by all means, experiment with your favorite products, you never know when you’ll discover the next iconic makeup trend.

However you choose to apply it, so long as you have a reliable cream blush, you are sure to look fantastic. Definitely check out and play around with our favorite current cream blush looks. From the blush contour to the sly lipstick technique, there are some awesome ways to use cream blush that will have you standing out.


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