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The Ultimate Guide for How To Do Makeup

The Ultimate Guide for How To Do Makeup

If you find yourself wearing the same makeup day in and day out, regardless of the occasion, it might be time to try something new. 

It’s easy to get into a makeup routine rut and find yourself using the same products each day in the same way. Chin up, we have the info on how to release your inner makeup artist!

Keep reading to find out techniques for a fun night out, to spice up and polish your everyday look, and even how to look your best while traveling. 

Party, Party, Party

When we go out, we want to feel confident from the top of our eyebrows to the heels of our shoes. A perfectly coordinated outfit with a sleek and stylish makeup look can transform even the most regular evening into a *highlighter* of the week.

Keep reading for the makeup tutorials that will bring color to your life.

Smokey Eye

When it comes to dramatic makeup for special occasions, a smokey eye is the classic. A smokey eye is created by blending different shades of eyeshadow to create dimension on your eye. You can use different shades of any color, but the most common smokey eye uses shades of black and gray to create an ombre look. 

To perfect this look, start by taking a mid-tone eyeshadow and blend it all over your lid. You can then use eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow to apply along the lash line.

Use a dark eyeshadow to extend this line halfway up the lid, covering the existing lighter shadow. Use a brush to blend where the two colors meet and, voila, you’re done.

If you want to really make your eyes pop, add a light layer of the dark shadow or eyeliner to the lower lash as well. You can even use an eyeliner stamp and pen to quickly add a winged eye. Add a quick coat of mascara, and your eyes are ready for a special occasion.

Bold, Red Lip

Is there anything more classic than a bold, red lip? It’s the perfect opposition to your everyday muted lip color and will draw attention to your pucker on a fun night out.

To master this look, it’s important to make sure your lips are prepped. Exfoliate your lips and apply a lip balm to moisturize. A coat of lip primer will help make sure the lipstick stays on all night without smudging, so don’t skip the primer.

To achieve this iconic look, start in the middle. Take your lipstick and dab it in the middle of your lips, then carefully draw your lipstick outwards. Creases can ruin all your hard work, so serve some light smiles to the mirror to make sure you are filling in all the empty spaces.

Grab a small brush (or clean finger) to double-check that your lipstick is fully blended into your lipliner. Once you’re done, pucker up and admire your gorgeous new look. Now it’s time for a fun night out to show it off!

Spice Up Your Everyday Natural Look

If you’re in a makeup rut, but don’t have any special occasions coming up, read on to find out how to spice up your everyday look.

Give Yourself a Golden Glow

The sun-kissed glow is everyone’s favorite, but did you know you can achieve it without a beach vacation? As much as we’d all like to be lounging by the beach, let’s bronze our skin and imagine we’re oceanside instead.

Your everyday look probably includes foundation, concealer, and a bit of blush for color. To try something different and accentuate your cheekbones, try applying bronzer.

Follow these tips to use bronzer to add dimension and glow to your face.

  • Apply the bronzer with a makeup brush below your cheekbone and blend.
  • Apply a line of bronzer from your ear to the apple of your cheek, and be sure to blend it in.
  • Double-check that the line is making your cheekbone pop.
  • To complete the look, add a quick dash of bronzer to the sides of your nose if you’d like to make your nose appear slimmer.

Take a look in the mirror, Kutie! You should look like you just got back from the beach; no travel necessary.

Make Your Eyes More Vibrant

Your everyday eye look might consist of a light, natural eyeshadow followed by a quick coat of mascara. If you want to try something new, consider accentuating your eyes in a way that still looks lowkey and perfect for each day.

One way to do this is by applying eyeliner to draw attention and shape your eyes. Consider using an eyeliner in the shade of eyeshadow you put on and lining your top and bottom lids. This will make your eyes look even bolder but won’t be as dramatic or bold as a smokey eye. 

You can also apply an easy winged eye look for something a little more fun but still perfect for every day. The easiest way to achieve this look is with a winged stamp that does most of the work for you. Simply apply the stamp at the outer corner of your eye and connect your eye to the wing using the pen. 

These simple looks add a little something extra to your everyday look. You can incorporate these into more dramatic looks later or can leave them on their own for days when your makeup is more mellow. 

Look Cute While Traveling

When you go to new places, whether it’s the beach or the ski mountains, we encourage changing up your makeup look. It might be because there are new elements and your makeup has to stand up to them, or it might be because the style is so different from your daily look.

Raise your glass and raise your brows; here are a few tips for makeup looks to use while traveling:

Beach Please

If you’re lucky enough to be beachside, with your toes in the sand and a cool breeze in your hair, the last thing you should be worrying about is your makeup. Luckily, it’s easy to create a beachside makeup look that will last throughout the day. 

First things first, wear your sunscreen. Sunscreen should go on underneath your makeup and is absolutely necessary to protect your skin.

To help even out your skin tone, apply a thin layer of cream or liquid foundation. Keep it light if you want to keep a natural look. Make sure to apply primer to your face to help ensure your foundation stays on all day. If you need to reapply, consider using a sunscreen setting spray before your foundation.  

You want your eyes to pop, but you also don’t want the water or sweat to cause raccoon eyes, so make sure you pick a waterproof mascara. A quick coat of waterproof mascara should be enough to make an impact and also last throughout the day. 

The beach is cheerful, so go ahead and pick a vibrant, bright lipstick. Make sure your lips are hydrated by applying a coat of lip balm under your lipstick.

If you don’t want to worry about reapplying throughout the day, a lip stain is a great way to add some color to your lips. Apply lip balm, and once it’s soaked in, gently apply the lip stain until you reach the desired color. You can even add another layer of lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. 

Whatever makeup you wear to the beach, you might want to avoid lip gloss. The sticky finish of lip gloss will be like a magnet for sand. Sandy lips do not sound fun, so it might be best to leave that gloss at home.

Snowbunny Glam

A beach getaway might not be your thing, and you might be off to a winter wonderland instead. If you’re planning to hit the slopes and be a skiing or snowboarding Kutie, there are a few tips to keep your makeup looking cute in the winter. 

Consider using a tinted moisturizer on your skin. The cold air and wind can lead to dry skin, so you want to add as much moisture as possible. A tinted moisturizer will give your skin coverage while also making sure it has the hydration it needs to stay healthy. 

Go light on the eye makeup and try to limit it to mascara only. You’re most likely going to be wearing goggles all day, so no one is going to see that perfect smokey eye. Save yourself the time and risk of getting makeup in your eye and keep it simple. 

Make sure you don’t skipon lip balm. Your lips will dry out as you cruise down the mountain, so keep them hydrated. If you want some color, apply a layer of hydrating lipstick to help keep your lips healthy.  

Shake That Routine and Have Some Fun

Alright, Kutie, there’s no excuse to still be in a makeup rut. We’ve talked about some fun, new makeup techniques for special occasions, as well as how to spice up your daily look. We’ve also gone through a couple of travel scenarios so you can make sure you look your best in a new environment. 

Remember that makeup is supposed to be fun. If you feel frustrated and need some new ideas, look around for inspiration! We can’t wait to see the amazing looks you create.



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