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4 Reasons Why Whipped Dream Is the Best Cream Blush

4 Reasons Why Whipped Dream Is the Best Cream Blush

The makeup scene is always evolving, and recently, there has been a giant cream blush craze. Everyone knows the classic powder blush: a clasp container with a rouge powder on the inside for you to dab with a brush and lightly apply to the face. There is nothing wrong with powder blush, but cream formulas take blush to a whole new level.

Cream blush calls for no definition because it is exactly that — a blush made from cream. It is thicker and easier to apply on the face. Cream blushes are also wonderful in terms of precision. The thick, wet consistency of cream blush makes it easy to be exact with your application, and blends in very easily, almost with the same ease as a foundation or liquid concealer.

There is no denying that cream blush is dominating the rouge makeup scene, but the real question is, what is the best cream blush to use? The answer is simple: Kaja’s Whipped Dream. The Whipped Dream cream blush is to die for and will satisfy all your blushing needs. Read on to really get into the nitty-gritty of why Whipped Dream is so wonderful.

1. A K-Beauty Must-have

Our entire makeup collection is made up of k-beauty products, and Whipped Dream is no exception!

K-Beauty is a wonderful outlet for skincare and beauty products. Korean culture has been making waves in Western culture recently, and for good reason. From K-pop to K-dramas, people can’t get enough of the fascinating pop culture coming out of South Korea. The skincare industry has also been inspired by Korea as of late, because of its soft and ethical products.

Kaja is a trailblazer when it comes to k-beauty. We use the same clean, ethical ingredients that are a trademark of Korean skincare but in makeup products. This means that our products are made with ingredients that are easy on the skin, while still providing excellent, full coverage, and long-lasting results.

The Whipped Dream cream blush, like all of our products at Kaja, uses clean ingredients so that your skin will feel amazing, while also giving you the perfect rouge glow that you desire.

Whipped Dream has a creamy powder formula and an airy semi-matte finish. Your skin will look flawless without any added shine. Oh, and did we mention it can also be used on your eyes? It’s a multi-eye and cheek product, so it can be used to add a subtle pop of color on your eyes or cheeks (or both!).

The k-beauty franchise is changing the beauty game, and Whipped Dream is a must-have. If you are going the cream blush route, you need to try Kaja’s cream blush because it will help your skin look healthy, while still giving you the hint of color that you desire. Whipped Dream has k-beauty and cream blush formulas working in tandem to give you the best look possible.

2. An Easy Blend

It is extremely important to use products that are easy to blend in to give you the perfect, natural finish, and no cream blush out there will give you results as good as Whipped Dream.

Whipped Dream makes your skin feel good and it is so easy to apply. All that you really need in addition to the blush is a reliable blender, brush, or even just your fingers. Application is simple, and because of the creamy, moist texture of the blush, it glides effortlessly across your skin and is easy to dab in.

It will blend in perfectly no matter what look you want to try out. If you want to look like celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, and experiment with some color on the tip of your nose, a small dab of the Whipped Dream and a light blending with your pinky finger will make you look picture perfect.

Or go the classic route and brighten up your face with some Whipped Dream on your cheekbones. However you choose to apply the cream blush, you will find that no other rouge product will blend so effortlessly. You won’t feel like a clown with this blush; rather, you will look natural and feel beautiful too.

3. Bold Colors To Die For

Of course, finding products with healthy ingredients that blend well is critical, but perhaps even more important when finding the perfect blush is a product that comes in beautiful shades to give your cheeks that desirable pop of color. When it comes to finding the right shades, Whipped Dream is the best cream blush out there.

Everyone’s blush desires are different. While some might opt for an understated, more natural look, others might prefer a bold, showstopping finish. Whatever your ideal blush look is, we can guarantee that Whipped Dream is the blush for you.

The shade options are so impressive, you won’t want to settle for just one! Perhaps you want a reliable product to use for your daily work look. Obviously, you can’t go overboard with the makeup routine to maintain professionalism, but nevertheless, you need a little color on those cheeks to spruce up your look. Once again, Whipped Dream has got you covered.

No matter what your needs are, or what event you plan to wear your blush for, Whipped Dream has the best shades for every occasion.

4. Long-Lasting Finish

As if the k-beauty inspired ingredients, easy blending properties, and impressive shades weren't enough to sell you on Whipped Dream, it also creates a long-lasting finish. In other words, your blush will look fresh all day long.

Cream blushes in general are better products to use for a longer-lasting finish. They give a natural flush to the face that lasts all day. Whipped Dream, because of the clean ingredients that it is made of, creates a very organic look that moisturizes the face and lasts for a while.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending so much time on your makeup routine only to have to reapply again in a couple of hours. It is exhausting on your part and is also a reflection of the poor quality of your current makeup supply. Whipped Dream stands out from other blushes in that it truly will last you a long time.

You can absolutely reapply later in the day if you prefer more striking looks, but in general, reapplication is not even necessary!

You deserve to use makeup that lasts, and Whipped Dream will fulfill those dreams.

Honorable Mentions

We’ve covered the basics in terms of why Whipped Dream is the best cream blush out there, but there are a couple of other points you need to be aware of that really highlight the benefits of this k-beauty masterpiece product.

Aside from being a clean, k-beauty product, easy to blend, colorful, and long-lasting, Whipped Dream is also:

  • Extremely affordable
  • Multi-functional
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Buildable and hydrating
  • And exclusively at Kaja’s website or Sephora!

Whipped Dream: A Cream Come True

Cream blushes are the best way to give your cheeks a natural flush of color, and Whipped Dream is the best product to get the job done. Its name does not lie; Whipped Dream is a dream. With clean ingredients that feel good on the skin, vibrant colors to experiment with and long-lasting finishes, there is no cream blush out there that is more suitable for your face.

Whether you want to try out a bolder look and try the blushed nose technique, want to contour a bit, or just go for a natural flush of the cheeks, Whipped Dream will give you the best possible outcome.

Affordable products don’t have to lack in quality. We want to deliver our Kuties products that are affordable and effective. Whipped Dream might have a low price tag, but the quality is five-star, so hop on the cream blush train today and add Whipped Dream to your cart ASAP.


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