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Lucky Bag Pouch

Bucket Makeup Bag

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Bring all your makeup essentials with you on the go with our Lucky Bag Pouch! The trendy bucket shaped bag comes in a cute pink color and is made of a soft and padded material. It's ultra-lightweight and has two drawstrings on the side to safely secure all your necessities.


5.6in x 3.7in x 6.7in


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Lucky Bag Pouch
Lucky Bag Pouch
Lucky Bag Pouch

                                                        Lucky Bag Pouch

                                                        Lucky Bag Pouch

                                                        Lucky Bag Pouch
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  • Soft, padded material
  • Drawstring to securely fasten items inside
  • Lightweight and can hold all your makeup essentials
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Kaja is a Korean makeup brand made from the heart in Seoul.
Founded with the mission to bring the best of Korean makeup innovation to the United States, Kaja believes beauty should strike a balance between playful, efficacious, subtle and serious. From adorable packaging to sensorial formulas, Kaja creates multi-tasking, multi-benefit and made-to-play products packed with Korean innovation that go wherever your imagination takes you. Literally meaning "let's go" in Korean, Kaja is the perfect companion for anyone and everyone on the go! Everyone is welcome so come on and "Kaja"!

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