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6 Natural Makeup Looks Using Lip Gloss

6 Natural Makeup Looks Using Lip Gloss

As fun as it can be to get glammed up, most of us don’t have a use for glamorous and dramatic makeup looks in our day-to-day lives. We have to save the dramatic, romantic glossy lips for a special night out, and the smokey cat eye for a special occasion. 

When it comes to your everyday makeup look, it’s best to have something that looks a little more natural. You can draw attention to your features without being over the top. 

One way to add extra shine and sparkle to your natural makeup look is with lip gloss. Let’s break down some options of natural makeup looks that you can use with lip gloss. We’ll discuss a few options for your eyes, face, and lips so you can mix and match for the look that’s best for you. Let’s let your natural beauty shine, Kutie!

Natural Eye Looks

Whether you have piercing blue eyes or soulful brown eyes, there’s a way to make your eyes pop without your makeup being too over the top. Here are some ideas for natural eye looks. 

Rock Natural Metals

If you think of metallic eyeshadow, you might think of sparkly gold and silver, but metallics actually provide a great basis for a natural eye. Think of muted rose golds and bronzes and how natural those color palettes are. 

The Toasted Caramel Beauty Bento set from Kaja Beauty is the perfect trio to complete a natural bronze eyeshadow look. This award-winning set has three eyeshadows designed perfectly to go together and create a flawless look on your eyes. Their creamy powders will ensure easy application so you can be out the door with your natural eyes in no time!

To start, apply your base color to the lid. Use the lightest color as the base color and stop at the crease of your eyes to make sure it looks natural. One of the darker colors is the perfect color to add to the crease of your eye. This will make your eyes pop by adding depth and dimension, but will still look natural. 

Finish with a coat of mascara and you’re done! What an easy everyday makeup look. These bronze colors can be echoed on your face and lips to create a glowing natural look, so keep reading for more information on that!

Glossy Eyes

Although you’re used to glossy lips, did you know glossy eyes are a very trendy makeup look? It’s a tip to make you look more awake and bright-eyed. This might sound strange, but don’t panic yet!

Here are the steps to achieving the perfect natural glossy eye look:

  • Prime your eyelids. We all know gloss is known for slipping around and not lasting, so this is one step you don’t want to skip! Apply primer to make sure your glossy look lasts all day. 
  • Because this is a natural look, you want to pick a nude color or even a shimmery highlighter. Apply this from your lid to your eyebrow to add a hint of color, but nothing too dramatic. 
  • Grab a clear lip gloss and apply a few dabs slightly up from your eyelashes. Avoid getting too close to your eye so the gloss doesn’t get in your eye if it moves. 
  • Using a brush, gently pat the gloss into your eyelid, creating a shiny lid! 

When you’re done, your eyes should be the focus of your face. The shine draws attention to your eyes but creates a natural makeup look that can be worn every day. How easy was that?

Natural Face Looks

Facial makeup is one area of makeup that’s designed to look pretty natural. When you apply foundation and blush the goal is to look like a more polished version of your bare face. Therefore, it’s not hard to create natural makeup looks for your face, but there are a few things you can try to emphasize your natural beauty!

Get That Sun-Kissed Glow

If you’re missing the beach, don’t worry because there’s a way to achieve that natural looking sun-kissed glow without the sun! You don’t have to worry about travel or sunburn for this look. 

Kuties, the trick to a natural looking sun-kissed glow is bronzer. Pick a bronzer that compliments your skin tone and get your brush ready. You want to use a bronzer to help contour your cheeks while adding a glow, so add a line from your ear to the apple of your cheek. Once done, use your brush to make tiny circles and blend the bronzer. 

You can also add a tiny bit of bronzer to your forehead, nose, and chin to help add more glow. If you’re rocking a natural looking metallic eye, this is a great way to make your makeup looks cohesive. That’s all you have to do to create a natural makeup look that looks like you’ve been on vacation!

Glossy Cheeks

If I didn’t rock your world enough by telling you to put lip gloss on your eyes, it might blow your mind to find out you can wear it on your cheeks! Follow these steps to achieve that natural dewy look with your favorite lip gloss. 

  • Start by priming your face. Primer will work two ways: it will keep the gloss on your cheeks longer, but will also create a base for the lip gloss to grip
  • Pick a gloss stick that will add a hint of color to your face while also adding shine.
  • Add a swipe of lip gloss on your cheek, just above your cheekbone. Use a clean finger to gently dab the gloss into your face and blend it. If you want extra coverage, you can add more product. 

When finished, your cheeks should look like you have a natural flush, with dewy coverage! You are natural and fresh-faced, and only need your lip products to achieve this look. How fun is that?

Natural Lip Looks

Your face and eyes are looking natural and fabulous, so we just need to finish it up with a natural looking glossy lip. When it comes to natural looking lips, we think there are two great options: gloss only, or gloss over color. Let’s chat about them both.

Gloss Only

It doesn’t get easier or more straightforward than this look. Although you’re only applying gloss, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make sure your lip gloss lasts for a while. 

  • Add a lip primer to help limit the number of times you have to reapply. If you don’t have a lip primer, you can actually use a bit of powder on your lips. This will create a surface for the lip gloss to stick to, which will help it be more long-lasting. 
  • Use a shade of lip liner similar to your lip color to line your lips. This will keep your lip gloss from smearing on your face. You can also trace the outline of your lips with concealer to achieve the same function. 
  • Pick a tinted lip gloss for a natural glossy look with a hint of color. Pinks and peaches are great choices of colors so your lips will just look like a shinier version of your natural gorgeous pucker!

Natural Lipstick & Gloss Look

You might think of a bold red lip, or a dramatic cranberry color when you think of lipstick, but there are lots of natural looking lipstick options. To find a natural looking lipstick color for you, pick one that is just a shade darker than your regular lip color. Pinks, peaches, and rose-colored lipstick are all natural-looking colors. 

Brush up on some tips for how to apply lipstick perfectly every time and then apply your lipstick as normal. Once done, take your lip gloss and add a dab to the center of your bottom lip. Gently rub your lips together to spread the lip gloss to both lips. 

Once done, your lips should have natural looking color with a hint of shine. This shine will draw attention to your lips, but will look natural and is perfect for an everyday look!

Shine On, Kutie!

If you’re stuck in a rut with your everyday no makeup makeup look, hopefully now you know how to add a little shine and spice things up. 

We hope you can play around with these natural makeup looks to find the best one for you. We can’t wait to see you shine!


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