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Cream vs. Powder Blush: Pros, Cons & More

Cream vs. Powder Blush: Pros, Cons & More

No makeup routine is complete without some blush. Regardless of the look you try out, the addition of some rouge to the face is always an excellent touch. The real question is what kind of blush should you use? 

It is an internal debate that every blush connoisseur has with themselves: cream blush or powder blush? Both kinds of blush can certainly provide you with a fabulous pop of color, but it is important to weigh your options and really understand the pros and cons of both types of blush so that you can have a reliable product every time. 

Cream blushes are a more recent favorite in the beauty community. With light ingredients that lead to a smooth finish on the skin, cream blush is always a great choice. Powder blush is classic and lends itself to providing natural finishes. 

Both powder and cream blush have their benefits and downfalls. Keep reading to learn all about the pros and cons of both kinds of blushes.  

Pros of Cream Blush

Both types of blushes have their pros and cons, and cream blush especially has many benefits that make it worth considering!

Depending on certain factors like your skin type, the kind of look you want to achieve, and your application technique preferences, you might quickly find that cream blush is the best product for you!

Perfect for Dry Skin

One of the best aspects of cream blush is how easy it is on dry skin. Anyone with dry skin knows how challenging it can be to find beauty products that are both good for your skin and deliver amazing results for your look. Cream blush is a great solution for this conundrum. 

Cream blush, especially the Whipped Dream blush from Kaja, uses ingredients that have hydrating properties and moisturize the skin. This is really ideal for dry skin because the blush will feel light and airy on your face, instead of feeling caked on or heavy like other kinds of beauty products. 

Whipped Dream is an especially good cream blush to consider adding to your makeup collection. Because it is a k-beauty product and uses ingredients that aim to create glass skin — a phenomenon out of South Korea where beauty and skincare products use clean, hydrating ingredients to create clean, translucent skin — for consumers, Whipped Dream especially caters to dry skin, but can benefit all other skin types as well! 

Dry skin is not a prerequisite for using cream blushes, but if you do identify with having dry skin, you will find that cream blush is especially suitable for your skin type, which is a huge pro. 

Light as a Feather

Of course, having your makeup look good is a priority, but the way it feels on your skin should also be of high concern. No one wants to wear beauty products that feel heavy and cakey on the skin; it feels itchy, uncomfortable, and tends to clog your pores. 

Cream blush takes these concerns into consideration, and actively combats cakey, thick makeup products. Cream blushes, especially Whipped Dream and the Cutie Bento blushes from Kaja, use ingredients that are clean and hydrating for the skin, and therefore feel better on the skin. 

Instead of feeling thick on your cheeks, cream blushes glide on seamlessly and feel light and airy, almost like a second skin. 

Because cream blushes are more liquidy, they simply have a lighter feel than other forms of makeup and can be used sparingly, so you won’t need to cake anything on thick. 

Cons of Cream Blush

Nothing in life can be perfect, and although cream blush comes close, there are factors that might turn some individuals off. 

Delicate Application

We already stated that cream blush is more hydrating and liquid-based, which also means that you need to apply with caution so as to not overdo your look. Unlike powder blush, cream blush naturally appears bolder on the face because it is thicker and creamy, so where you might be able to apply powder blush more liberally and play around with your application techniques, you will want to be more meticulous with cream blush application. 

If you are someone who enjoys having bright cheeks and bold makeup looks, then cream blush might actually be to your advantage; but, if you want to just add a hint of color to your cheeks and prefer to opt for a more natural look, you will need to be delicate when you apply cream blush. 

A helpful tip to ensure that you don’t end up with cheeks that look like you spent too much time in the sun, is to apply your concealer and foundation beforehand, and then your cream blush will blend much more evenly and smoothly. 

Do not let this scare you from giving cream blush a try, however. All makeup requires a bit of trial and error, and so long as you are gentle and careful with your application, you might decide that cream blush is right for you after all! 

Pros of Powder Blush

Powder blush is an iconic product in the beauty industry, and for good reason. Much like cream blush, powder-based blushes can be extremely effective depending on your skin type and what kind of look you want to achieve and can be easily applied. Keep reading to learn more in-depth about the pros of powder blush. 

Perfect for Oily Skin

Unlike cream blush, powder blush is obviously not liquid-based, so it does not glide on the skin in the same manner. Powder blush, however, may be a great option for people with naturally oily skin. 

The last thing individuals with oily skin need are more liquid and moisture on the face; which is why powder blush is such a positive force. The skin can absorb the powder easily and is more conducive to a clear, smooth finish. 

That isn’t to say cream blush is completely out of the question for you if you have oily skin, but frankly, powder blush will be easier on your skin than a cream-based product. 

What matters most is that your skin feels good and that you are happy with your final look, and people with oily skin will find that powder blush (and powder-based beauty products in general) will agree with their skin and look clean and smooth on your face. 


There is nothing more frustrating than applying makeup and having it fade and smudge before the day is done. Powder blush is an excellent product to use, in that it is very long-lasting. 

Because of the formula of powder blush, it really leaves a vibrant pop on the skin first when you apply, and you will find that your cheeks still glow at the end of the day. Powder blush is a thicker formula, so it has a stronghold throughout the day. 

Liquid-based formulas can have a long-lasting effect, but it is a trademark of powder blush. Whether you want a subtle look or a bold flush on your cheeks, your blush will still look fabulous hours after the initial application. 

Cons of Powder Blush

Powder blush is a wonderful tool to give your face a hint of color, or even a bold, dark pop. Nevertheless, the powder-based product does have its shortcomings. 

Limited Application Techniques

Powder blush is easy to apply and lasts all day, but the powdery consistency makes it difficult to do more experimental makeup applications. Of course, it is simple to apply it with just a brush or a puff, but if you want to play with contour or the trendy blushed nose technique, it will take more effort to achieve those looks with just a powder blush. 

While cream blushes are easier to maneuver and shape for more sharp, structured looks, powder blush will require more careful, meticulous application techniques to achieve those desired looks, outside of just a flushed cheek. 

Cream and Powder for the Win

Powder blush and cream blush both have their pros and cons, and many of those are dependent on your personal preferences. Not everyone has the same skin type, so not every kind of blush is the best for your needs, and that is okay! 

Understanding which kind of blush will work for your skin type and the kind of look you want to achieve will make the blush search process much easier. 

Whether you choose to go the powder or cream blush route is your decision, your cheeks are guaranteed to look perfectly flushed. 


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