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10 of Our Favorite Eyeshadow Looks

10 of Our Favorite Eyeshadow Looks

Monochromatic and metallic; those are just two of the hottest eyeshadow trends we are gushing over RN. Applying eyeshadow is fun and relatively easy when you know the basic application techniques and eye cosmetic safety. Keep scrolling, because we’ve got the it list of all the hottest spring eye makeup trends that make your eyes pop!

1. Heavy Metal

No, we aren’t talking about music here; heavy metal eyeshadows in deep metallic hues are all the rage. The shinier, the better, so opt for glittery powder or cream eyeshadows that catch the light at every angle. Choose a darker shade of metal for the night and a neutral or mauve metal for the day. Rock on!

2. Two-Toned

Throw symmetry and unified color out the window, because two-toned peepers are where it’s at this season. Choose two of your fav shadow colors and apply one on each eyelid. Play around with neon shadows like pink and purple, or swipe into pastels such as green and blue. There are no rules here, so get creative, Kuties!

3. Make It Matte

Tone it down with neutral pastels in matte finishes. This timeless look is a classic endeavor for the eye. Try dusting Kaja Chocolate Dahila across your lids for a sophisticated wash of neutral cocoa color. To create a darker version of this look, try the smoky neutral tones of Kaja Mocha Spritz.

4. Embellished Eyes

Move over Betty Davis, because embellished eyes are stealing the show. Crystals, glimmer, shimmer, and shine; grab the sparkles and drench your eyes in ice.

Quick tip: When you play up your eyes, play down the cheeks and lips in subtle neutral shades. Doing this allows your eyes to take center stage. Artsy foiled eyes give us all the vibes this Spring.

5. Matchy-Matchy

Kutie alert! Match your eyeshadow with your outfit as they do on the runway. Playing match is this season's hottest trend and we are all about it. Have a favorite orange top? Coordinate it with the golden coral tones of Kaja Poppy Champagne. If purple is your pick, dip into the punchy purples of Kaja Hella Azalea.

6. Baby Blues

Borrow blue this Spring, if you borrow anything. The nostalgic blue eyeshadow is taking a fierce stand on the runways and with celebrities alike. Try royal, navy, cobalt blue shadow, or eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Any way you swipe it, blue is the hue for you.

7. Winged Shadow

When all else fails, wing it, Kutie! Dampen your shadow brush and dip it into your shadow to grab saturated pigment. Next, draw a bold winged line out toward the outer edge of your eye with the eyeshadow. Repeat on the other eye. Use one, two, or three-layered shades in trending colors of neon, blue, or metallics.

8. Bronze Takes the Gold

Speaking of metallic, bronze is hot, hot, hot RN, and we need it! Dust the Kaja gilded bronze tones of Toasted Caramel onto your lids for a streak of glamorous shimmer. Top it off with a strike of gold using Kaja Orange Blossom for extra gleam. This regal eye style is one fit for all royalty.

9. Coral Peeps

Deep coral is another color hitting the runways. Add a splash of this juicy hue to your peepers every chance you get. Brush the golden coral tones of Kaja Poppy Champagne over your lids for a warm, sunny look of fun. This happy shade makes both a statement and tones down well for a muted pop of color.

10. Go Green

Make a fresh statement with gorgeous green eyeshadows. All shades of green are on-trend for eyes this Spring, so be bold and be fierce. Use two different shades layered one on top of the other for a monochromatic vibe, or flip it up with two alternating shades, wearing one on each eye.

Bold Lips & Bushy Brows

Bold red, and glossy lips, bushy soap brows, and statement blush are haute this Spring. Pair your newly styled eyes with one of these trends to complete your entire vibe.

How To Apply Eyeshadow

When it comes to eyeshadow, bending the rules is allowable this season. Especially when you opt for the metallic glitters and neons. Here’s a basic rundown of how to apply eyeshadow:

  1. Prep & Prime: Apply eyeshadow primer to your eyelids and the area just above the crease. A primer can help prevent shadow creasing and promote longer eyeshadow wear.
  2. Base Shadow: Choose a base color to apply all over your eyelid and just above the crease with a shadow brush. You may also bring this color up to the brow bone. The base color is usually a neutral shade similar to your skin tone.
  3. Main Color: Sweep your main shadow color onto your eyelid. This color may be purple, gray, or brown. Blend it upward slightly, just above the crease of your eyelid.
  4. Crease Shade: Select a dark shade for the crease of your eyelid. Apply this shade with your shadow brush right in the crease of your eyelid. Applying shadow in the crease adds dimension and depth to the eyes.
  5. Highlight: Add a pop of light and lift to your look with a highlighting powder. Apply a light shimmery powder to your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes. Follow with your favorite mascara to complete your look.

Types of Eyeshadow

In case you didn’t know, there are many types of eyeshadow formulas available. It all comes down to preference and comfort when you choose your shadow type. Here are the four most common types of eyeshadow:

Powder Eyeshadow

This is the most common type of eyeshadow available. If you are a makeup beginner, powder shadow is the one for you. Powder shadow is easy to blend and comes in every color of the rainbow. They are available in single-color pans and eyeshadow palettes with many colors. Powder shadows are matte, shimmery, and sparkly.

Cream Eyeshadow

Cream shadows are highly-pigmented and available in pots, sticks, and tubes. They are very blendable, but these tend to crease easily. So, if you have oily skin, cream eyeshadow may not be for you. Wearing an eyeshadow primer may reduce eyeshadow creasing.

Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid shadow may sometimes be mistaken for lipgloss because it comes in thin, clear tubes reminiscent of these glosses. This type of eyeshadow also creases easily, but it is super blendable and doubles as a base shadow for glitters and shimmery colors. Apply liquid eyeshadow with the doe-foot wand instead of a shadow brush for a quick-swipe application.

Loose Eyeshadow

Loose eyeshadow is a finely-milled shadow that is highly pigmented. It works best when the eyelids are primed with a shadow primer before application. You must be very careful applying loose shadow because it can be messy. Use a flat shadow brush for application and finish with a makeup setting spray for optimal long wear.

Eyeshadow Finishes

An eyeshadow finish determines the way it looks on your eyelids after application. Here’s a list of five common eyeshadow finishes:

  1. Matte - Matte shadow has no shine, shimmer, or sheen. It is a solid color that does not catch the light at any angle. It may also be referred to as suede.
  2. Metallic - Metallic eyeshadow is shiny like actual gold or silver.
  3. Shimmer - Shimmer shadow has a subtle sheen and hint of sparkle.
  4. Frost - Frosted shadow has an icy finish and creamy frosted shimmer.
  5. Glitter - Glitter eyeshadow is actual pigmented glitter pieces that adhere to your eyelids with a tacky base, such as a jelly.
  6. Satin - Satin eyeshadow has a soft sheen that isn’t quite frosty or matte.

Complete the Look

Every eyeshadow style looks best when topped with your favorite mascara. Mascara darkens, lengthens, and volumizes your lashes, leaving you with super glam eyes you want to flaunt. Mascara is available in black, brown, blue, and other colors. Choose your fav to complete your look.

Bottom Line

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic that changes your look from day to night. It creates playful and sophisticated styles, and it all depends on the application technique and finish. As the seasons change, so do the makeup styles and shades, so keeping up with the latest trends helps keep your look fresh and inspired.

Kaja Beauty provides you with the cosmetics you need to create fun, bold, daring, and chic looks for every season. Whether you're into jelly crystal shades or matte and shimmer hues, Kaja has you covered, Kuties!


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