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What Is Concealer Used For?

What Is Concealer Used For?

Whether you are a beginner looking for all the makeup knowledge, or a beauty guru in need of a refresher, it is always important to understand what the products you use are actually for. Concealer is a beauty product that belongs in everyone’s makeup bags; but before you make that leap, you should learn all about concealer and the best ways to use it!

We want our Kuties to look and feel their best, so keep reading to learn all about concealer and learn some tricks that will step up your concealer game.

Concealer: Defined

Before we share the best application practices, we should cover what concealer actually is.

If you ask a dictionary, they’ll tell you that concealer is a “cosmetic used to conceal blemishes or discoloration, especially under the eyes.” While that is certainly accurate, we at Kaja Beauty think concealer is so much more than that. Concealer can be used to cover up unwanted spots and blemishes, but also can give your skin a more even appearance, enhance your natural facial structures, and even be used as a tinted moisturizer.

If you have any spots on your face that you would like to minimize in appearance, concealer is your new best friend. It is a device that is perfect for covering up dark circles and blemishes.

More generally, you can also use concealer either on its own or in conjunction with your favorite reliable foundation to give your skin a more even, smooth finish. If you want to go for a complete glamorous look and need an even base to start with, or you just need a subtle look for the day, applying concealer to your under eyes and any other desired facial targets can help ensure that your skin will look even and perfect for the rest of your day.

Basically, what we are getting at is that concealer can be used in a variety of ways! There are two especially common modes of application that are a great way to get into concealer if you are a beginner.

The Application Process: Under Eye vs. Contour

You can apply concealer in whichever way you choose, but the under-eye and contouring methods are both tried and true application processes that we highly recommend, especially if you are a beginner.

Under Eye

One of the primary uses of concealer is to eliminate the appearance of dark circles under the eye. This method of application might seem self-explanatory, but there are actually a couple of techniques that can be used to provide the best outcome.

A notorious method is the upside-down triangle technique. To accomplish this, you simply draw an upside-down triangle with your concealer under your eye, so that the point of the triangle is pointed downwards, towards your cheek. Then you blend it in and voila! Your dark circles are hidden and your face looks bright and even.

More recently, however, a new method that was popularized on TikTok has taken the beauty community by storm.

The new TikTok hack is equally as simple. All you do is apply a line of concealer to both corners of your eye and one smaller vertical line in the center of your under-eye region and then blend to your liking. This technique is great for minimizing the appearance of dark circles and giving the illusion of a lift.

Both a solid stick concealer and a liquid concealer can be used to successfully get the job done.


Another more recent, but equally iconic, technique of concealer application is the contouring technique. Contouring is a method of applying concealer in a manner that sculpts facial features and enhances the appearance of your bone structure. It’s a great twist on the traditional purpose of concealer, and is highly effective too.

Contouring might seem like a technique designed for experts, but really it is a skill that is easy for individuals of all makeup levels to achieve.

Unlike the under-eye approach, contouring is about adding the appearance of dimension to the face, not covering up blemishes and spots. In order to give your features that added definition, you will use a darker shade of concealer to emphasize the area you want to sculpt, and a lighter shade of concealer to blend.

Do not be intimidated by contouring! It is not as advanced as it might seem, and as long as you follow a helpful tutorial blog, you will be sure to give your features the definition you crave in no time.

Concealer application is easy and a sure way to brighten your features, as well as add some dimension to desired spots. The most important aspect to a successful concealer application, however, is using the right product for you.

Choosing Your Concealer

Making sure you apply your makeup correctly is obviously key to achieving a successful look, but perhaps even more important is making sure you are using the right product. This is especially crucial when it comes to concealer; if you use the wrong shade or type of concealer, you risk botching your entire look.

Don’t freak out, though! At Kaja Beauty, we are dedicated to providing our Kuties with the best, most easy-to-use products. You are guaranteed to find the best product for you.

Find the Perfect Shade

Finding the best shade for your skin tone is critical to completing the best concealer application possible. There is a lot of contradictory information floating around regarding the way to find your shade, and we do not want you to make any minor concealer mistakes, so follow our advice.

For under-eye applications, we recommend using a shade that is a bit lighter than your natural skin tone. This will make your face look brighter and do a better job of eliminating the appearance of any dark spots or circles.

For a contour moment, we recommend grabbing a slightly darker shade of concealer. This will emphasize the part of your face that you want to add definition to and will yield you the best contour possible.

And for simple blemish and spot correction, we recommend grabbing a shade that matches your skin tone, or one shade lighter.

We understand that finding the right shade for your skin tone can be difficult, which is why we have a wide range of concealer shades available to you. Makeup and beauty are for everyone and every skin tone, so it is important to us that everyone’s shade is represented in our brand.

Once you find the shade that best suits your concealer needs, you are well on your way to achieving a perfect concealer application.

Find the Right Type

Once you know what shade you need, all that is left to do is find the type of concealer that is best suited for the kind of application you would like to complete. Concealer comes in a variety of forms: liquid, matte, powder, etc. Depending on how you want to use concealer, there are certain kinds that might be better suited for your individual needs.

A matte stick can be effective for covering up small blemishes, and powders are great for setting the look in place, but generally, we recommend using a liquid concealer. Liquid concealers hit all target spots effectively, are easy to blend, and are great for a long-lasting look.

We recommend grabbing the Kaja Don’t Settle liquid concealer. It comes in a wide range of shades, so it is perfect for everyone, regardless of skin tone. It is also perfect for any kind of application. Whether you want to try your hand at contouring, or you need to brighten up your under-eye region, the Don’t Settle concealer will do the trick, and at a low price too!

Conceal Away!

Beginners and experts alike can benefit from knowing all there is to know about concealer, and we at Kaja are here to help! Concealer can be used in a few different ways, but generally, it targets under-eye regions, blemish and dark spot coverage, and contouring.

As long as you know what concealer is used for, and how to find the right concealer for your skin and desired look, it will be simple to avoid making silly application mistakes.

So grab a blender or brush, and your ideal shade of Kaja Don’t Settle and start your concealer journey today!


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