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4 Kissable & Long Lasting Lip Gloss Looks

4 Kissable & Long Lasting Lip Gloss Looks

If you want your lips to be poppin’, lip gloss is the way to go! When your lips are shiny and shimmery, they instantly attract attention and draw eyes right to them. Let’s talk about how to make your lip gloss look the most kissable of all!

We’ll talk about the benefits of lip gloss and your choices when selecting a gloss. We’ll also go over how to apply lip gloss and some good daytime and nighttime lip gloss looks. Plus, we can’t forget tips for how to make that lip gloss last all day. Keep reading, Kutie! 

Why Wear Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss was the it cosmetic of the 90s and has recently become popular again. So, why are people leaning towards this lip product?

For starters, lip gloss has come a long way from the clear, sticky glosses that used to get stuck in our hair 24/7. Luckily, formulas have changed, and there are many different kinds of lip gloss out there—all of which avoid sticky lips. 

If you want to draw attention to your lips, the shimmer and shine of lip gloss is the way to go. Lip gloss can also help glam up a natural look, which will make your pucker look extra kissable! 

That’s reason enough for me, but lip gloss also has additional benefits. Today, you will find lip glosses full of ingredients meant to care for your lips. 

Kaja’s Gloss Shot contains squalane to help soften, moisturize, and nourish your pucker. It also has rosehip fruit oil and jojoba seed oil to hydrate and smooth. Imagine how kissable your lips will be!

Lip Gloss Choices

When it comes to your lip gloss choices, sorting through all the information out there can be overwhelming. Let’s break down some of the most common kinds of gloss so you can determine which ones work best for you. 

Sheer Gloss

Sheer gloss is the most common lip gloss and one we definitely recommend everyone have in their makeup bag. This gloss contains no color and is designed to add shine to your lips. It can be used on its own or on top of another product, as we’ll discuss later. 

Gloss Stick

A gloss stick combines the high shine of a sheer gloss with a huge wallop of color. Kaja’s Heart Melter is a cruelty-free lip gloss stick that is high-shine, conditioning and comes in nine great colors. 

With this product, you can draw attention to your lips with ultra-shine while adding the power of pigment. It’s also packed with  argan and plum seed oil to help soothe and soften your lips, so your lips will be extra kissable!

Plumping Gloss

If shine alone doesn’t draw enough attention to your lips, plumping will certainly do the trick! These lip glosses cause a reaction in your lips to make them temporarily appear plump in size. Don’t worry—they are safe to use and will give your lips a fuller look without the headache of lip injections!

Glitter Gloss

When it comes to nighttime looks, you can’t go wrong with glitter! These lip glosses add shine and sparkle to your lips, giving them an extra wow factor.

How To Apply Lip Gloss

To make sure lip gloss creates entirely kissable lips and ensures long-lasting wear, we want to ensure you’re applying lip gloss correctly. Luckily, lip gloss is one of the easiest makeup products to apply. Follow the easy steps below for the correct application of lip gloss.

Prep Your Pucker

We want to make sure your lips are soft and smooth before applying lip gloss, so give them a little TLC. First, exfoliate your lips gently with a soft toothbrush or lip scrub. The skin on your lips is gentle and prone to dryness, so this will make sure any dry or dead skin is removed. 

Once this is done, you need to add moisture and hydration back into your lips, so grab a lip balm, like Kaja’s Balmy Bento. The balm in this product is made with coconut oil to help hydrate and condition your lips deeply. To make things even easier, this also comes with a pineapple scrub to help exfoliate your lips!

Ready To Apply

The key to lip gloss application is to ensure you don’t overapply the product. Applying too much lip gloss can leave a thick coat on your lips and can cause the gloss to rub off everywhere. We want to keep the shine on our lips and nowhere else!

To add the right amount of shine, apply gloss in the middle of your bottom lip only. Once you rub your lips together, the lip gloss will be evenly applied to your lips, giving you the perfect amount of shine. If you want extra shine, you can apply gloss to your whole bottom lip and rub your lips together. How easy is that, Kutie?

Tips for Long-Lasting Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is notorious for fading quickly, but there are a few tips to try if you want to make your shine last longer. 

  • Don’t forget lip primer! This product acts as a base to help your lipstick, lip gloss, and other products stay put. 
  • If you don’t have lip primer, you can also use a thin layer of setting powder under your gloss to help it lock into place. Who knew your powder would serve so many purposes?
  • Lip liner is a good tool to have on hand if you like to wear lip gloss. Lining your lips helps create a barrier that lip gloss cannot easily cross, which will keep your lip gloss where it belongs. 
  • You can also use concealer to create a barrier around your lips, which will act the same way as a lip liner. 

Daytime Lip Gloss Looks

Because lip gloss doesn’t have as much color as other lip products, it helps create a more natural-looking daytime look. Try placing it over bare lips for a natural look with a bit of shine. 

We love more of a defined or dramatic eye when you have a natural-looking lip. Try pairing glossy lips with a winged eyeliner look for a simple daytime look. Kaja’s Wink Stamp is a great tool for perfecting the winged eyeliner look. It contains a stamp pen and liquid liner to help you get the perfect cat eye in just a few moments. 

Another great way to rock a glossy lip in the daytime is to pair it with dramatic eyebrows. Brows are very trendy right now, and you can play them up by darkening them or adding texture. This will create a natural look with a little bit of sass. 

Nighttime Lip Gloss Looks

When you’re thinking about nighttime lip gloss looks, remember that lip gloss can always go on top of lipstick to add shine to the color. If you want a dark, vampy look for a night out, you can still add lip gloss! 

Line and fill your lips as usual with a deep raspberry or classic red. Once you have your lips complete, add a bit of gloss to your bottom lip and gently rub together. Your normal dramatic lip has been elevated with some shine!

For a fun night out, grab a glitter lip gloss. This will add sparkle to the shine of your lips and can be applied over nude lips or a color. It looks great over a pink lip! 

Consider adding a sparkle to your eye as well with Kaja’s Moon Crystal jelly eyeshadow. This product is infused with real crystal powders to give your eyes shimmer and color to perfectly coordinate with your sparkly glitter lips!

When you have a dramatic eye like a smokey eye, you want to make sure your lip color isn’t too dramatic to even things out. Lip gloss is the perfect addition to this look. Try a gloss stick to give your lips a hint of color and shine without being too over the top. This will allow your eyes to be the center of the show. 

Time to Shine!

When it comes to lip gloss looks, the possibilities are endless. Lip gloss can be worn day or night, combined with a bare natural look, or added to a more dramatic look. 

When it comes to lip gloss looks, make sure you pick the right lip gloss for the look you’re trying to achieve. Sheer gloss, a gloss stick, plumping gloss, and glitter gloss are all good options. Don’t forget to prep your lips ahead of time to help your lip gloss last and save you from frequent reapplication!

Your lips are going to shine just like you do, Kutie! I can’t wait to see the looks you put together!


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