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How Does Lip Mousse Compare to Lipstick & Lip Gloss?

How Does Lip Mousse Compare to Lipstick & Lip Gloss?

Lipstick, lip gloss, lip stain, lip balm, lip mousse, lip tint—it feels like there’s an endless list of lip products to try! Although the list seems endless, there are a few key lip products that can provide endless benefits for your lips. 

Lip mousse is a new product that you might not know. Let’s find out more about this new product and its pros and cons. We’ll also compare lip mousse to two of your favorite lip products: lipstick and lip gloss. By the end of this article, you’ll be sold on lip mousse and ready to experiment with this great new invention!

What Is Lip Mousse?

Before we can talk about the pros and cons of lip mousse, we need to talk about what exactly it is. Although the name might be making you crave something sweet, lip mousse is not a chocolate-based lip product. 

Lip mousse is a liquid lipstick with a creamy consistency that goes on smoothly and dries to a long-lasting finish. This lip product is designed to feel smooth and weightless on your lips while giving your lips a pop of color and a velvet finish. 

Lip mousses are  air-whipped to give its fluffy, lightweight consistency. If you’ve ever made chocolate mousse or lemon meringue pie, you know how light and fluffy this result can be. 

Kaja’s Love Swipe is a lip mousse that’s also infused with various oils and vitamins to help condition and soften your lips. This adorable product comes in five colors and contains cottonseed and raspberry seed oil to moisturize and soften your skin. 

It also contains Vitamin E to help provide extra nourishment to your lips, so your lips get some TLC with their color. 

Pros and Cons of Lip Mousse

Now that we know a little bit about lip mousse, let’s find out some of the pros and cons. 

Pros of Lip Mousse

  • Lip mousse is the perfect product to create the popular blurred lips look. This look creates softer, less harsh edges around your lip, in opposition to a heavily lined look.
  • Its lightweight finish will make you feel like you’re not wearing any lip product! It’s a far cry from heavy, cakey lipsticks. 
  • Lip mousse is soft and moisturizing, so you don’t have to worry about your lips drying or cracking like they can with other products. 
  • It’s easy to apply! Simply take the applicator or your finger, and draw it over your lips. Because the product is designed for a blurred edge, you don’t need to worry about the perfect application. 

Cons of Lip Mousse

Lip mousse is a wonderful product, but it might not be for everyone. Here are some drawbacks:

  • If you like perfectly lined lips and uniform edges, this probably isn’t the product for you as it’s hard to create those sharp looks with lip mousse. 
  • You can’t find lip mousse in many finishes, so if you like shiny or shimmery lips, you’ll have to add another product on top of this one. 

What Is Lipstick?

I know you already know what lipstick is, but let’s refresh our memories. This product has been around for centuries, ever since ancient cultures ground minerals and bugs to color their lips. 

Luckily, the formula has changed over the years, and lipstick is now made with wax, oil, and pigment. The wax helps give lipstick its shape and texture and can come from beeswax or various plant waxes. Oil adds moisture to the product and can come from plants, such as olive oil, coconut oil, or mineral oil. 

If you’re a vegan or prefer to use vegan products, make sure you look for a lipstick labeled Vegan to ensure it doesn’t source its wax from bees. Kaja’s Heart Melter lipstick is a great cruelty-free vegan lipstick that will hydrate your lips while providing color. 

Pros and Cons of Lipstick

Obviously, there’s a long list of pros for lipstick, which make it such an iconic product. However, some drawbacks might mean it isn’t the best product for you. Let’s find out more. 

Pros of Lipstick

Lipstick has been popular for so long, let’s find out some of the reasons it’s such a great product:

  • There are literally thousands of possibilities when it comes to lipstick. You can find every color of the rainbow and every finish possible in a tube of lipstick. 
  • You can experiment with your look when it comes to lipstick and decide how dramatic or subtle you want your lips to be. 
  • Many lipsticks are meant to nourish your lips and keep them healthy while providing color. These products include oils and vitamins designed to soothe and soften lips. 
  • Anyone can apply lipstick! You don’t need to be a makeup expert to test this product. 

Cons of Lipstick

Lipstick has a long history, and as a result, new products have been developed to perform in ways that lipstick cannot. Let’s look at some cons to lipstick. 

  • Lipstick can easily smudge or smear. It can end up on your glass, shirt, teeth, or even on another person!
  • Because of how easy it can smudge, lipstick requires frequent reapplication throughout the day. If you’re using a dark color, this will require stepping away to the bathroom often to make sure you get the application right, which isn’t always convenient or possible. 
  • If you choose a dark or bold lipstick color, it can be hard to clean up any mistakes you make during application. 
  • You might need to use lip liner to help keep the edges of your lips defined, as lipstick cannot do that on its own. 

What Is Lip Gloss?

The last lip product we’re going to compare today is lip gloss. Lip gloss is the lip product that can give your lips the least amount of color with the most high-impact shine. 

Although each lip gloss has a different set of ingredients, all glosses have some commonalities. Lip gloss is made of oils, thickeners, and color. These oils are called emollients and are made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, or synthetic oils. Unlike lipstick, there is more oil than wax in lip gloss, which gives gloss its slick texture and shine. 

Thickeners in lip gloss help the lip gloss stay put on your lips and contain wax. The amount of color in a lip gloss varies, but generally, they are more tinted than a deep, pigmented color. 

Some lip glosses, such as Kaja’s Gloss Shot, contain additional ingredients to help nourish and soften your lips, such as squalane and rosehip fruit oil. 

Pros and Cons of Lip Gloss

Why would someone choose lip gloss over lip mousse or lipstick? Let’s go through some pros and cons. 

Pros of Lip Gloss

Here are some benefits of lip gloss:

  • The shine of lip gloss immediately draws attention to your lips. 
  • It’s easy to layer this product over others since it doesn’t contain much pigment. If you have a favorite lipstick or lip tint and want to add extra shine, lip gloss can easily go as an additional layer. 
  • It’s easy to apply and doesn’t require a mirror to reapply. 

Cons of Lip Gloss

There’s no perfect product, and lip gloss has some attributes that you might not like. 

  • More than any other product, lip gloss requires frequent reapplications. 
  • Because it comes off so easily, it’s not a great product to wear at a time when you’ll be eating or drinking, as your lips will soon be bare. 
  • Your hair can get stuck to lip gloss, causing an annoyance or a bad hair day!

Which Is the Best Product for Me?

There are so many pros and cons to lip mousse, lipstick, and lip gloss that it’s hard to say which one product is the best for you. Most people will want to have all of these products in their arsenal to make a game-time determination based on the look you’re going for and the event you’re attending. 

Kaja’s Love Swipe lip mousse can be the best of both worlds: it’s easy to apply like lip gloss but long-lasting like lipstick. It can add dramatic color to your lips without requiring careful lining or application. 

Understanding what each product is made of and the pros and cons of each can help you compare lip mousse, lipstick, and lip gloss. We know whatever you pick will be a great look, so have fun experimenting, Kutie!


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