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How To Wear Red Lipstick: 6 Rules To Swear By

How To Wear Red Lipstick: 6 Rules To Swear By

Taylor Swift sings about it, Liz Taylor talks about it, it’s pretty clear that red lipstick is the classic beauty accessory. Every woman should have a shade of red lipstick that she feels amazing wearing.

As good as it can make you feel, red lipstick can be tricky to wear. Read on for some rules on how to rock a red lip!

Rule 1: Pick the Right Red

Not all red lipsticks are created equally. They differ slightly in color, tint, and finish so make sure you pick the right one for your skin tone and style. 

Cooler skin tones tend to have red, pink, or blue underlying tones. If you have a cooler skin tone, pick a red lip that has a cooler base. Steer away from orangey-reds and look for a classic cherry red. 

If your skin has a yellow or olive underlying color, you have a warm skin tone. The right color reds for warm skin tones are orange-reds, or a red with a warm base. 

Neutral skin tones have a mix of yellow and pink tones and lucky for you, can wear any color red! 

Rule 2: Finish Is Important

The most common finish on a red lipstick is a matte red, but this isn’t the only possibility. A matte red lip will create a long-lasting color with zero shine. 

If you want something with a bit more shimmer to it, look for a high-shine lip finish like in Kaja Beauty’s Heart Melter lip gloss stick. This will look a little different than a matte finish, as if the red is the natural color of your lips. 

For more texture on your red lip, look for a satin finish. A satin lipstick falls in between a matte finish and a cream finish. It won’t be quite as dry as a matte lipstick, but won’t have as much shine as a gloss. A satin finish is perfect for a professional or mature look.

The shiniest option in a red lip is a glossy finish. This can come from a glossy lipstick, or by applying a lip gloss over a red lipstick. This can be a fun addition to a red lipstick, so don’t rule it out!

Rule 3: Tone Down Your Other Makeup

Wearing red lipstick is a bold statement. It’s classic, feminine, and beautiful, but it is definitely not subtle. If you choose to wear lipstick, make sure your lips are the focus of your makeup and try some natural eye makeup tips

This is not the time to experiment with a smokey eye, or overdrawn eyeliner. A little natural eyeshadow and mascara will be all you need to play up your eyes while drawing attention to your lips. 

Rule 4: Prep Your Lips

Prepping your lips for lipstick application is always important, but perhaps even more so when wearing a bold red lip. Before you apply lipstick, make sure you’ve completed these preparation steps.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Red lipstick needs to go on evenly across your lips and any cracks or dry skin will affect the application. Use a lip exfoliator to make sure your lips are smooth and ready for lipstick. 

If you don’t have an exfoliator product you love, there are many DIY recipes you can follow using ingredients you have at home until you find one that works for you. 

Kaja Beauty’s Balmy Bento lip scrub and balm is a great exfoliating option because it scrubs, nourishes, and soothes at the same time. Whether you prefer a Piña Colada or Strawberry Rosé, this two-in-one scrub is as delicious as it is gentle. 

Make sure you continue to rub your lips together until the scrub is gone, and wipe away any excess. 

Prime Your Kisser

After you’ve exfoliated, you need to give your lips a little love to make sure they are smooth and hydrated. You can use a lip balm, or pick a lipstick or gloss stick that includes conditioner such as Kaja Beauty’s Heart Melter. Look for argan and plum seed oil to ensure your lips get the love they deserve. 

Start by applying a lip balm to hydrate your lips. Include the area just outside your lips for full coverage and wait for the balm to completely dry before moving on. 

Lip primer will hydrate your lips and make sure they are ready for lipstick application. A primer will also help your lipstick stay on for longer. We know there’s nothing worse than smeared lipstick or leaving lipstick behind on your glass, so don’t skip the primer!

Rule 5: Line Those Lips

With a color as bright as red, it’s even more important than ever to line your lips before applying lipstick. Pick a color that matches your red lipstick to ensure a seamless finish. 

Carefully outline your lips, starting at the center and working your way out. Follow your natural lip line to ensure your bright red lip color doesn’t bleed past your lips. 

For a slighter fuller look, start at the corner of your lip and trace inward. You can also trace the line on the skin just above the natural boundary of your lip. This will help make your lips look larger. 

Rule 6: Apply Carefully

It’s time for the final step! Just as you did with lip liner, start by applying lipstick in the center of your lip and trace outwards. Give a small smile to make sure you are getting any creases. 

Use a small brush or a clean finger to ensure your lipstick is completely rubbed into your liner. The goal is to make it look completely seamless! 

Since red lipstick is such a bold choice, be sure to blot in between layers. You might need less layers than other colors, so don’t get carried away!

Rock That Rip Lip

You’re ready to rock that red lip! It’s a bold statement, but you have rules to swear by when it comes to a red lip. Pick the right shade, prep and line your lips, and apply carefully. Tone down your eye makeup and pick a fun outfit and you are ready to go!



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