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How To Apply Mascara Like a Professional

How To Apply Mascara Like a Professional

Mascara is the best way to make your eyes pop and complete your makeup routine. We all wish we could have a professional makeup artist to help us each day, but luckily mascara is an easy tool that can be done at home just like a professional. 

Once you find the right product, it’s as easy as prepping, priming, and applying. Keep reading to learn how to apply mascara like a pro!

Mascara Is Key

Simply put, a makeup routine is incomplete without a layer of mascara. Whether you’re trying to achieve a full glam popstar look or going for something a little more natural, mascara is a must-have. 

Mascara will make your natural eyelashes look darker, fuller, and longer. This will make your eyes look bigger and pop. Some people opt for a simple makeup look and only wear a handful of products, including mascara. 

Any additional eye makeup you choose to wear, such as eyeliner or eyeshadow, will look more vivid with mascara. Don’t skip this step in your routine! 

Find the Right Product

There are so many different types of mascara out there that it can feel overwhelming to pick out the right one. Start by thinking about what you want to focus on. 


If you want to fill out your eyelashes and make them appear fuller, pick a volumizing mascara. This will help define your face and create a full set of fun, flirty lashes!


Want to make your eyelashes look longer? Go for a lengthening mascara. The right one can make it seem like you have extensions without the cost or upkeep of real extensions.


The most common mascara color is black and for good reason. This will mimic but heighten the color of your natural lashes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with some fun colors like blue or brown for a more adventurous look!


There is always a time and place for waterproof mascara. Think about what you’ll be doing today and if there are any tears or rain in your future. Go waterproof if you want to prevent the streaky raccoon look. 

Keep in mind that waterproof mascara is designed to stay on, so it will require a waterproof eye makeup remover to take off at the end of the day. Because these products can be harsher on your skin, avoid waterproof mascara unless you really need it. 

Some days you might want more volume, and some days you want to focus on length only. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to mascara. 

With any kind of makeup, you want to make sure you’re paying attention to the ingredients in the mascara you select. If you find a mascara with the right ingredients, it can make your lashes healthy in addition to being a fun makeup tool. 

  • Biotin: You might have heard of this ingredient in hair serums and it’s just as important in mascaras. Biotin is known to help nourish your lashes and support growth.
  • Panthenol: Panthenol seals the surface of lashes protecting and supporting each lash’s strength. Keeping your lashes healthy and conditioned will make mascara application easier for you in the future. 

Keep an eye out for the following ingredients:

  • Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT): This ingredient is in the top three common causes of a common skin rash. Check the ingredient list and avoid this to make sure your skin stays healthy.
  • Aluminum Powder: This ingredient is a neurotoxin so keep it out of your makeup!
  • Fragrance: Avoid any fragrance listed in the ingredients. This could irritate sensitive eyes and cause a reaction. 

Get Ready, Get Set, Apply

Now that you’ve found your dream mascara, there are a few more steps before you’re ready to apply mascara like a professional!

First, make sure you’ve removed all previous eye makeup and mascara. Anything left on the lashes could cause clumps and that’s not a cute look. Use eye makeup remover or microcellular water to remove mascara without damaging your lashes. 

Mascara should be the final step for your eyes, so make sure the rest of your eye makeup is done. If you want to make any changes to your eyeshadow or eyeliner, now is the time! Once you complete your mascara, it will be hard to go back and edit without smudging anything. 

Toss your mascara every few months and get a new tube. Professionals know that mascara begins to dry out once opened, so it’s important to prevent that. Every three months you’ll want to replace your mascara to ensure it still works best and to make sure the tube isn’t harboring bacteria. 

Curl Those Lashes, Girl

You would never put on a face of makeup without prepping it, so give your lashes the same love. Make sure you curl your lashes before applying any mascara. 

Curlers are designed to lift your lashes and make your eyes appear bigger. It only takes a few seconds and will make a huge difference, so don’t skip this step!

If you don’t have an eyelash curler, do a bit of research to determine what kind works best for you. A heated curler will help the curl to last longer. The classic curler might not last as long but has less risk.

Start by opening the curler and placing your upper lashes in between. Stop as close to your eyelid as you can, but be careful not to pinch any skin. Hold for about 10 seconds and release to see beautifully curled lashes. Work your way along your lash line to include the corners too to make sure nothing is overlooked. 

Prime Your Lashes

Just like you use an eyeshadow or foundation primer, eyelash primers are an important step in your mascara routine. They also make your lashes appear thicker and fuller, so don’t skip this step! Make sure you pick a complete primer that also conditions and nourishes your lashes. In place of primer, you can also try a coat of clear mascara, such as the one included in Kaja’s Wink Lash Trio. 

Primers can be white, clear, or other colors so don’t be alarmed when you first apply. Apply a coat of primer to all lashes and be ready to apply mascara immediately after. Try not to get distracted because if the primer dries completely, it will cause your mascara to clump and dry out. 

Ready, Set, Glam

You’ve researched the best mascara, prepped and primed your lashes and now it’s time for the final step! Here are some general tips to help you apply your mascara like a professional:

  • Make sure to wipe off any excess product on the wand. Too much mascara could cause clumping and no one wants that! 
  • There’s no need to pump and pull the wand in the bottle. One pull-out will provide the right amount of mascara, without risking air and bacteria getting into the bottle.
  • To take an extra step to prevent clumping, use an eyelash brush immediately after application to help brush your lashes out.
  • A tissue placed under your eyes can help prevent any smudging. Place a tissue before application if you’re worried about ruining your foundation. 

OK, time to apply! Start at the base of your lashes and move the wand along to the tip, making a slight back and forth motion. This wiggling motion will help curl your lashes more and make sure they look even more voluminous. Repeat for another coat or two until your lashes look perfect! 

If you’re mixing and matching mascaras, such as the volumizing and lengthening mascaras in Kaja’s Wink Lash Trio, apply one after the other. Apply the lengthening mascara last in an upward motion to help stretch those lashes! 

Don’t be afraid to play around with different wand techniques to achieve the exact lashes you want. The same mascara can look many different ways depending on the number of coats applied and the wand technique so have fun!

Once you finish the upper lashes, don’t forget about the bottom ones. Lean forward or place something under your eye to protect the skin. 

Starting from the middle, use the same wiggling motion you used on the upper lashes to coat the bottom lashes. When you get to the corners, it might be easier to turn the wand vertically to coat them without smearing mascara everywhere. 

Wrapping It Up

You should be close to a professional when it comes to mascara application now! Picking out the right mascara requires looking at ingredients lists and thinking about what you want your mascara to accomplish. It also tops off any makeup look!

Remember to prep and prime your lashes to help protect them, and apply carefully. Following these steps will ensure your lashes look as fabulous as you are!



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