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How Long Does Lip Gloss Last?

How Long Does Lip Gloss Last?

Your lip gloss might be poppin’, but did you know it needs to be reapplied every couple of hours and replaced once a year? 

Because of its texture and shine, lip gloss can last a couple of hours on your lips, but won’t have the long-lasting power of some lipsticks and other cosmetics. Like all other makeup, lip gloss needs to be replaced every so often to make sure your gloss stays shiny and fresh in the jar!

Let’s talk about some things you can do to make your lip gloss last even longer, as well as when and why you should toss that old gloss and get a new one!

On Your Lips: A Few Hours

The bad news: your lip gloss is never going to last all day. Because of its shine and ingredients, lip gloss might  last for about a few hours on your lips. Make sure you pack it in your bag because you will need to reapply. 

The good news: we have some amazing tips for you to help make your lip gloss last longer! With these tips, you might only need to reapply once or twice all day!

How To Make Lip Gloss Long-Lasting

Gone are the days of applying lip gloss every few minutes to keep your lips shiny and popping! Lip gloss formula has come a long way in recent years and with the right prep and application, we’ll keep your lip gloss on as long as possible! 

Prep Your Lips

If you want long-lasting lip gloss or any other lip product, you need to take care of your lips, Kutie! First, make sure you are exfoliating your lips on a regular basis. This means once or twice a week, but more if your lips are dry like in the winter months. 

Exfoliating your lips helps remove dead skin cells, which allows the fresh, smooth skin underneath to show. Smooth lips will allow your lip application to be much easier and will ensure you don’t have any bumps or dry skin in the way. 

Once your lips are exfoliated, make sure you keep them hydrated. There’s no limit to how often you should do this, so be generous with how often you apply moisturizer. Cover your lips with a lip balm or lip butter and make sure to apply a thick coat before bed for optimal skin care. Apply a little outside your lip line to ensure every surface is covered and hydrated. 

Prime Your Lips

If you’re a fan of dramatic lip colors, you already know the importance of lip primer. Lip primer is a base that allows your lip color to stay put. Whether you’re putting lip gloss over lipstick or wearing it on its own, using a primer will help ensure the gloss stays on your lips longer. 

Line Your Lips

Once your lips are primed, add lip liner to the outside of your lip line. This will create a barrier that lipstick and lip gloss cannot easily cross, which will keep everything on your lips longer. Shiny lip gloss all over your face is not cute! 

If you’re wearing lip gloss on its own, consider filling in your lips with the lip liner. Pick a lip liner color that matches your natural lip color if you want the lip gloss to shine on its own. This smooth surface will help prevent the lip gloss from smudging or bleeding over the edges of the lips

For an extra layer of protection, you can also place a liner of concealer around the edges of your lips. This will help create another barrier in place to help your lip gloss last longer. Be sure to blend the concealer completely so it doesn’t create a harsh line around your lips

Use a Matte Lipstick

If you’re applying lip gloss over lipstick, it’s recommended that  you pick a matte lipstick, rather than one with a shine or shimmer finish. Too many shiny layers can create a surface that lip gloss can’t stay on, which will cause it to rub off and not last as long. A matte lipstick underneath lip gloss will help give your gloss something to adhere to, which allows it to stay on your lips longer. 

Avoid Lip Gloss if You’re Doing a Lot of Eating or Drinking

All the tips and tricks in the world can’t keep lip gloss on your lips when you’re eating and drinking all night. As much as we love a shiny lip, a fancy dinner date might not be the time to test your new lip gloss. Consider a long-lasting matte lip for dinner and then add some gloss when you go out dancing after! 

In Your Makeup Bag: 12-18 Months

We know how long lip gloss lasts on your lips, but what about the lip gloss in your cabinet or makeup bag? According to makeup experts, you need to toss your lip gloss after 12-18 months

After this period of time, the ingredients in the cosmetic products can start to break down and it won’t be as effective as it was before. Even worse than that, bacteria can start to build up in the tube. I’ll spare you the details, but trust us—it’s gross!

Unfortunately, makeup isn’t always clearly labeled with an expiration date like food. Consider making a list in your makeup bag or on your phone with reminders of when to get rid of expired products. This will help keep your skin and lips healthy and make sure your makeup application goes smoothly!

Two Exceptions

There are two exceptions to the 12-18 month rule, one requiring you to toss your gloss sooner and one that will let you keep it longer. 

If you use your lip gloss when you’re sick, you’re going to want to get rid of it, even if it hasn’t been a year. Any germs in your mouth can get on the wand of the lip gloss and spread when you’re healthy. Go ahead and toss it and keep yourself from getting sick again!

If you want to keep your lip gloss longer than 12 months, don’t open it. If you keep an unopened container in a cool, dry place, you can keep the lip gloss for two to three years before it needs to be tossed. If your favorite gloss is on sale, go ahead and stock up, Kutie!

Signs Your Lip Gloss Has Expired

Every once in a while, you might notice your lip gloss acting a little funky before the 12-month period. It could be extra bacteria that got into the container, or perhaps it’s just a bad batch, but here are some signs to look out for. 

  • Smell: If your lip gloss has a different smell, or it seems to have lost its fragrance or scent, go ahead and toss it. 
  • Texture: Does your formerly smooth lip gloss feel sticky? Or perhaps it’s extra watery or seems to have hardened? Go ahead and get rid of this lip gloss. You won’t be able to adjust the texture and it could be a sign that the lip gloss has gone bad.
  • Color: If the color of your favorite lip gloss has changed, it’s not a good sign. If you put your lip gloss over red lipstick yesterday, and there is some red in the gloss, don’t panic. However, if your lip gloss looks cloudy or the tinted color is different than before, it’s time for a new gloss. 

What About My Other Makeup?

Now that you learned about the life of lip gloss, let’s take a look at expiration dates for everything else in your makeup bag. 

Eye makeup products need to be replaced more often than other makeup, due to their proximity to your eye and the sensitive skin located there. Your eyes can also be prone to infection, so make sure you’re paying attention to the following dates:

  • Replace mascara and liquid eyeliner or eyeliner pencils every two to three months to prevent eye infections
  • Eyeshadow powders can last for up to two years. 

Your face products will last a little longer, luckily:

  • Replace concealer and foundation every year. 
  • Powder products like blush or bronzer can last up to two years. 
  • Face primers should be replaced every two years to prevent skin irritation

Don’t forget about your other favorite lip products:

  • Lipstick can last up to two years. 
  • Lip balm should be replaced every two years, but I know you’re hydrating your lips so often it won’t last that long! 

Like lip gloss, you can store other unopened makeup at room temperature for a couple of years because of preservatives, so it’s okay to stock up and keep extra cream blush or other extra products on hand. Once you open a new piece of makeup, note the date and when it needs to be replaced. 

Wrapping Up the Lip and Shelf Life of Lip Gloss

Hopefully, by now you’re confident in how long lip gloss lasts in your cabinet and on your lips. With a few tips to prep your lips and make your lip gloss long-lasting, you’ll have to apply your lip gloss less and replace it less often! Make sure you toss it after a year though, Kutie! 


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