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Our Top 4 Gifts for Makeup Lovers

Our Top 4 Gifts for Makeup Lovers

It’s that time of year again! Time to think about what to gift your best friend, your sister, your coworker, your Secret Santa, and more. If you’re making your list and checking it twice and noticed you have a makeup lover or two on the list, I have some gift ideas for you!

Whether you’re shopping for a beginner who needs some products to build a makeup collection, or a pro who wants to spice their routine up, Kaja Beauty has the best gifts for makeup lovers. Read on to learn about the top gifts this holiday season!

What Should I Get a Makeup Newbie?

Do you have someone in your life that loves makeup, but is still learning the best products to use and the best techniques for application? There are many products available on Kaja Beauty that will be great gifts for this person. 

When shopping for this person, look for bundles or sets that include multiple items. You can also look for one item that comes in various colors to give them something to use to test new looks. Choosing a bundle or set will be a cost-effective way to give more gifts for your money, but will also help a makeup newbie try more products at once.

1. Superstars Bundle

The Kaja Superstars bundle is a new bundle that includes some of Kaja Beauty’s best-selling products. This is a great bundle for a new makeup lover as it includes something for the face, lips, and eyes!

The Cheeky Stamp is a blush stamp that includes a sponge for easy application. This blush set allows the wearer to have sheer coverage or put on more layers for darker coverage. It’s easy to use too! Just press the stamp on the apple of the cheeks and blend using your fingers or a sponge until the desired color is achieved. 

The Superstars bundle also includes two mini Gloss Shots in light pink and rosy pink. This lip gloss makes your lips shiny without making them sticky and is also full of nourishing ingredients to hydrate and moisturize your lips. 

The last item included in the Superstars bundle is an exclusive shade of the Beauty Bento trio. This trio has three creamy, powder eyeshadows in smoldering ashy mauve tones. This bundle has three eyeshadows, two lip glosses, and one blush for the new makeup lover in your life!

2. Triple Threat Set

Another great option for a new makeup lover is Kaja Beauty’s Triple Threat set, which includes a Beauty Bento trio in the shade of your choice, along with the Wink Lash Trio. This set includes three eyeshadows and three mascaras, so it’s really like gifting six gifts in one!

The Wink Lash Trio is a fantastic product for new makeup lovers. It includes an eyelash primer along with a volumizing mascara and lengthening mascara. These three products will help the recipient of this gift perfect their mascara look to best make their eyes pop!

What Should I Get a Makeup Expert?

It can be both easy and difficult to buy a gift for a makeup expert. You know they’ll love any makeup you give them, but you don’t want to give them something they might already have. Luckily for you, Kaja Beauty has put together some bundles and sets that will make perfect gifts for the makeup expert in your life!

3. Wink Of An Eye

For the makeup lover that likes to play up their eyes, the Wink Of An Eye bundle will be a perfect gift. You’ll be getting a steal with five full-size eye products at a discounted price!

It includes the Wink Lash Trio, which has a primer, lengthening mascara, and volumizing mascara. These products are designed to go together perfectly, so the recipient can experiment with new, dramatic lash looks. 

Also included in the Wink Of An Eye bundle is the Wink Stamp, a stamped winged eyeliner and pen. This product is great for anyone that likes a winged eyeliner look but wants to spend less time perfecting it. All that they need to do is press the stamp at the outer edge of their eye and use the included pen to draw along the lash line and connect the wing. How easy!

4. Play With My Heart

For a makeup lover that has some application skills, check out the Play With My Heart bundle. This includes a blush, highlighter, and bronzer to perfect your contoured look. It also comes with an adorable (and effective) heart-shaped sponge for application!

The Play Bento stack comes included in this bundle. Your makeup expert friend might already have tried contouring once or twice, but this stack will make it even easier. The powder blush, powder highlighter, and cream bronzer of this stack are meant to seamlessly blend on the face. The cream-to-powder finish of these products also moisturizes the skin. 

Also included in this bundle are the Wink Stamp eyeliner and pen and the Love Beat sponge. A makeup applicator sponge is a great gift for the makeup lover in your life as it is such a versatile tool. 

This sponge is heart-shaped, which is both adorable and effective. Its unique shape has flat, pointed, and side angles which allow the user to reach every crevice of their face. 

The Play With My Heart bundle has three face products, two eye products, and one adorable sponge. It’s a great gift for any makeup lover in your life!

Time To Shop!

You’ve been introduced to some of Kaja Beauty’s best-selling products for the face, eyes, and lips. All of these products will make great gifts for makeup lovers, but the bundles and sets provide the best value and most products to give. 

There is a bundle or set for everyone on your list, whether they are new to makeup, or are a seasoned pro. Time to go shopping and cross some lucky people off your list!



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