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4 Tips and Tricks for Applying Lip Gloss

4 Tips and Tricks for Applying Lip Gloss

You’ve probably been wearing lip gloss since you were a kid and wanted some shine and color without getting in trouble for wearing lipstick. Is it really that complicated to apply lip gloss? If you want to reapply 12 times a day and end up a sticky, shiny mess, then of course not. Picking the right lip gloss is just as important as caring for and priming your lips. If you want long-lasting lip gloss with a smooth application, then you’ll want to make sure to follow these tips and tricks!

Why Lip Gloss?

We all want our lips to stand out, right? What better way than giving them a bonus shine with a coat of lip gloss? The shine of lip gloss will help attract light to your lips, giving them extra attention and also appearing fuller. Sounds amazing to us! If that’s not enough reason, lip gloss can also be used to help keep your lips moisturized. Lip gloss can have ingredients like squalane, that help soften, moisturize, and nourish your lips. Lip gloss has come a long way since and there are so many reasons to give it a try!

How To Pick the Right Gloss

There are millions of lip glosses out there, and it can be overwhelming trying to determine which one is best for you. Here’s a rundown on some of the kinds of lip glosses and some tips for picking the right one for you. Sheer Gloss: Exactly as it sounds, sheer gloss will have no color to it and is simply meant to add a layer of shine to your lips. This is a great option to add shine to a rich or deep lipstick color. Tinted Gloss: Many lip glosses are tinted, which means they are mostly designed for high shine but will leave a soft tint of color on your lips. This is a great option if you don’t want lipstick, but want something a little more noticeable than your regular gloss. Plumping Gloss: Plumping glosses contain ingredients that will cause a reaction in your skin, meant to create temporary plumpness. If you want your lips to look larger, this is a great option. However, if you have sensitive skin, you might want to skip this. Glitter or Shimmer Gloss: Sparkly or shimmery glosses will add shine with a pop of something more. These are fun for a special occasion or for an extra pop of your lips!

Pick by Color

All glosses except sheer glosses will have a color or tint to them, so picking by color is a great way to determine what lip gloss is best for you. Think about your purpose for the lip gloss. If you plan to wear this gloss over naked lips, or just with a lip balm, pick a colored gloss that coordinates with your skin tone and lip color. Coral, red, or orange tones are recommended for warmer skin tones, while pink and purple tones are recommended for cooler skin tones. If you’re looking for a lip gloss to give you shine over a lipstick, make sure you pick a lip gloss that coordinates with the lipstick. A dark or bold lip, such as berry or red, should have a lip gloss with a softer color so it doesn’t distract. If you have a neutral or softer lipstick color, pick a lip gloss color that will help enhance it, such as a pink gloss with a neutral lip.

Pick By Benefits

Kuties, listen up! There are so many amazing benefits from lip gloss that you should not be wasting your money on lip gloss that doesn’t help you! Pick a lip gloss with nourishing, healthy ingredients to keep your pucker great. We mentioned squalane earlier, but it’s a great ingredient to look for. Squalane can help fill in the gaps of your lips which creates a smoother surface for lip gloss, lipstick, and more. Rosehip fruit oil is a little different from those flowers in your vase, but it can make your lips just as beautiful! Look for this ingredient in lip gloss to help smooth and soften your lips.

Prep Your Lips

The best way to prep your lips for lip gloss application is to start way before it’s time to put lip gloss on. Taking care of your lips each day will ensure you have a great foundation for whatever makeup you put on your lips. Hydration and exfoliation are the best ways to care for your lips. Start with a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week. You can use a lip scrub, or a gentle sugar scrub to put on your lip and rub in circles for a couple of minutes. Once this is done, gently rinse your lips and pat dry. This exfoliation will help remove dead skin and keep your lips smooth, rather than chapped and bumpy. You should hydrate your lips multiple times a day, as often as they feel dry. Cover your lips with a lip balm and make sure to apply a thick coat before bed. This will help keep your lips smooth and soft which will allow any product to go on easily! Now that you’ve prepped your lips for weeks, it’s time for day-of prep. You know you don’t want to skip that lip primer, Kutie! A primer will help your lipstick or lip gloss stay on for longer. We know there’s nothing worse than smeared lipstick or leaving lip marks behind on your glass, so don’t skip the primer!

The Best Way To Apply Lip Gloss

Because its formula is a little different (and a lot stickier) than lipstick, you might not want to apply gloss exactly as you would lipstick. The prep work is similar, but the actual application is a little different. When you apply lipstick, you start in the middle of your lip and work your way outward. It’s important to make sure you cover every piece of your lip including the corners. Kuties, this might blow your mind but when you apply lip gloss, apply it only to the middle of your bottom lip. We know that sounds crazy, but rub your lips together once this is done. Rubbing your lips together will allow your lip gloss to spread all over the entirety of your lips without over-applying and risking it smearing all over your face. What a genius tip! If you want an extra shiny lip, you can apply the gloss to the center of your top and bottom lip. Just avoid the corners so the lip gloss doesn’t smear and rub off!

How To Make Your Gloss Long-Lasting

The number one complaint about lip gloss is that it requires reapplication over and over and over again. Well Kuties, we have some tricks for you to help ensure your lip gloss will last as long as possible!

1. Prime Your Lips

Even though we already talked about this, it’s worth mentioning again! Regular exfoliation and hydration of your lips will create a smooth foundation allowing your lip gloss to stick to your lips better. Using a lip primer will also help make your lip gloss long-lasting.

2. Line Your Lips

Lining your lips will help create a barrier that lip gloss and lipstick cannot easily cross. This will allow your lip gloss to stay on your lips longer, rather than rubbing off and spreading around your face! For an extra layer of protection, you can also place a liner of concealer around the edges of your lips. This will create another barrier in place to help your lip gloss last longer.

3. Use a Matte Lipstick

If you’re applying lip gloss over lipstick, it’s recommended that you pick a matte lipstick, rather than one with a shine or shimmer finish. Too many shiny layers can create a surface that lip gloss can’t stay on, which will cause it to rub off and not last as long.

4. Powder Your Lips

This one might sound crazy, but we promise it works! If you’re applying a colored lip gloss on bare lips, you can apply a thin layer of powder to your lips first. This powder will help set your lips and create a base that will help make lip gloss last longer! Even with these tips, your lip gloss will probably require a few re-applications throughout the day. Make sure to toss it in your bag before leaving!

You’re a Gloss Expert Now!

You should feel really confident when it comes to lip gloss. We’ve talked about why to wear lip gloss, how to pick out the best lip gloss, and how to apply it. We’ve even talked about some tips for how to make your lip gloss last longer! It’s time to go shine like your lips, Kutie! Sources: Lip Care Daily Routine | Healthline What Is Squalane? | Healthline What Plumping Lip Glosses Are Doing To Your Skin | Self How To Apply Lip Gloss | Byrdie
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