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How To Use Lash Primer Like a Pro

How To Use Lash Primer Like a Pro

We spend tons of time and money trying to maximize our luscious lashes, but one product that is totally overlooked. Eyelash primer will make your mascara more effective and make your lashes pop even more, and who wouldn’t want that? 

Just like eyeshadow or foundation primer, eyelash primers are an important step in your mascara routine. Lash primer can help improve your mascara application, as well as make your lashes look healthier, so you’ll be fluttering those things at anyone who looks your way. To use eyelash primer like a pro, make sure you pick the right product, prep your lashes, and apply the primer correctly!

What’s Lash Primer?

Odds are, you already have some kind of primer in your makeup bag, whether that’s eyeshadow primer to go on your lids, foundation primer for your face or lip primer underneath your lipstick. Regardless of the product, primer is a base coat that gives you the perfect, smooth application you’re dreaming of. 

Eyelash primer works the same way! It goes on under your mascara, conditioning and supporting your lashes and making your lashes look even longer and more dreamy. 

Like any other hair, our eyelashes have cracks and unevenness. Eyelash primer helps fill in those cracks, which can create a smoother surface on our lashes. This smooth surface will make mascara application much easier, for the look of sky high lashes without having to pop on falsies. 

Lash primer comes in a tube like mascara and is applied almost the same way. The biggest difference is that it’s usually white or clear, rather than black like mascara. No sweat, though—you’re totally going to cover up that color later.

If you’re one a Kaja Kutie who loves the look of dramatic lashes, but you don’t want to splash out on eyelash extensions, lash primer will bring the drama without the extra time, money, and effort. 

Now That I Know What Primer Is, Why Do I Need It?

Lash primer is good for your lashes—duh, babe. Of course, the benefits you get will depend on the primer you choose, but regardless, it’s going to help get those lashes poppin’. 

For maximum effectiveness, choose a primer that will make your lashes look amazing, as well as make them look healthier!

Lashes Like Woah!

Smoothing on a lash primer before your mascara automatically gives you a more lengthened, lifted look. That’s, like, the whole point, girl! 

If you choose to use thickening mascara, you will be getting lashes twice as thick if you add primer! If you choose to use a lengthening mascara, a primer will make your lashes longer than you can even imagine!

Like a Multivitamin for Your Lashes

In addition to making your lashes pop, lash primer can also make your lashes even look healthier. It’s a win-win! Certain key ingredients will be more effective in helping your lashes, so look for a primer that includes some or all of the following.

  • Panthenol: This helps protect your lashes from the adverse effects of the world around you. It also acts as a conditioner and helps protect your lashes from breaking
  • Biotin: Another powerhouse of a vitamin, biotin conditions and supports your lashes. 
  • Peptides: This protein supports and conditions your lashes, and thanks to added avocado peptide, it can nourish your eyelash.

Bang for Your Buck

Adding a lash primer into your routine makes your mascara so much more effective—your mascara has to work half as hard. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

Clumpy mascara? Ew, gross. A lash primer coats your lashes, so they are already smooth before you apply mascara. Your mascara will go on smooth, so you can avoid the dreaded clumps. We know spider lashes are a thing, but you might not want them on every day. 

Four coats of mascara for each eye? No, thank you! With lash primer, you won’t need as many coats of mascara to get the look you desire. Fewer coats mean less time and less product wasted. Who doesn’t love that?

All Day, Every Day!

Just like other primers, lash primer keeps your mascara from smudging or wearing off throughout the day. Say goodbye to raccoon eyes, babe.  

If you add primer to your routine, you’ll be amazed at how long your mascara lasts. At the end of the day or night, your eyes will still be poppin’, and your mascara will still be on point. It will be tempting to keep it on for another day, but don’t forget to wash your face. Just remember that you can serve a look that’s just as good tomorrow! 

Too Many Primers To Choose From!

You should be 100% sold on the idea of using a lash primer by now, but you might be overwhelmed by which primer to use. If you don’t know where to start, there are a few ways you can narrow your search. 

Pick a Set

The easiest way to pick a primer is to find a set that includes mascara and primer—like, maybe our Wink Lash Trio. You’ll get a primer, a volumizing mascara, and a lengthening mascara, all in one super cute little package. You’ll be getting maximum effectiveness and maximum cuteness.  

Examine Your Needs

Think about what you’re hoping to achieve with your primer and mascara. Is it healthier looking lashes, longer lashes, or volumizing? Pick a primer that will focus on your top goal. 

If you have many goals, look for a primer and mascara that can do it all! Kaja Beauty’s Wink Lash Trio includes a primer to help condition and strengthen your lashes, plus two different mascaras to help add volume and length. What can we say? We do it all, because we love you. 

It’s Go Time!

You’ve found the product, you know why to use it, but now you need to know how to use it. Lucky for you, it’s super easy to apply lash primer like a pro, and you’ll be serving up doe eyed looks before you know it. 
Before you get started, pay attention to the following tips:

  • Wash your face. Seriously, wash it! Any mascara left on your lashes from the previous day can cause your primer and mascara to get lumpy when applied. Use eye makeup remover or micellar water for a thorough cleaning. 
  • Finish the rest of your eye makeup first. It’s easier to create the perfect wing once your primer and mascara are on.
  • Have your primer and mascara handy. Once the primer goes on, you’ll need to apply mascara right away, so you don’t want to go digging around for it. 
  • Curl your lashes first to give your lashes a little extra love. This will make your primer and mascara pop even more!

Okay, It’s Actually Lash Go Time Now!

Your face is clean; your eye makeup is done. It’s time to rock those lashes, girlie. 

Starting at the base of your lashes, move the wand along to the tip, making a slight wiggling motion, which separates your lashes and gives them a little extra curl. 

Once you’ve finished that, focus on the outer corner of your eyes. You might want to turn the wand vertically to help ensure you get each lash. Make sure you apply primer everywhere you intend to put mascara. 

Apply a coat of primer to all lashes and be ready to apply mascara immediately after. Try not to get distracted, because if the primer dries completely, it will cause your mascara to clump and become difficult to apply.

That’s it! With just a few extra seconds to your beauty routine, you’ve got the lashes of your wildest dreams. 

The Icing on the Cake

All that’s left to do is apply your mascara as usual. You might be using a volumizing mascara, lengthening mascara, or maybe even a combo of both! 

Much like you applied primer, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand to the tip. Make sure to get your corner lashes, as well as the bottom lashes. You might need to rotate the wand to get the corners and the tiny bottom lashes. 

Wrapping It Up

By now, you’re basically a lash primer pro. You know that lash primer makes your mascara more effective, makes your lashes look healthier, and makes them look fuller, thicker, and longer. 

You know how to pick out a primer and how to use it like a pro. Time to go impress everyone with your new knowledge and your gorgeous lashes!



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