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How To Apply False Eyelashes Like a Pro

How To Apply False Eyelashes Like a Pro

False eyelashes are everyone’s best friend. They add instant glamour and can make you look just like a movie star. They make your eyes look 1000 times bigger and better than regular mascara. 

The downside to falsies? They can be really tricky to apply to your lids. Have you ever made a mistake with lash glue

The good news is that we have a set of tips for you that will make false eyelash application a breeze. As long as you pick the right lashes, prep your lashes, and carefully apply, you’ll be able to apply false eyelashes like a pro!

Why Should You Use False Eyelashes?

Of course, false eyelashes make your eyes pop like woah! Did you know there are a lot of other benefits to using false eyelash strips?

  • Lashes won’t budge during an emotional moment. If you’re a crier, you’re probably sick of having raccoon eyes all the time. Fake eyelashes will give you the look of long, gorgeous wispies without worrying about streaky makeup. Time to practice your crying face!
  • Fake lashes can protect your natural lashes. If you have weak lashes or are growing them out after extensions, your real lashes need a little TLC. Fake lashes can provide a barrier for your own lashes to get healthy and grow longer. 
  • You’ll save time during your makeup routine. If you get a good set of false lashes that stays on for a few days, imagine how much time you’ll save each day getting ready. You’ll have more time to create the perfect winged eye! Less time to get ready means more time to sleep and we love that!

How Do You Pick the Right Set of Lashes?

There are lots of fake lashes out there and it can be overwhelming to pick one set that will work best for you. You can shop based on the style or material of the lash, or your eye shape. Ideally, you’ll factor all of these into your lash decision. Read on to find out more!

Shop by Style

If you go to the local beauty supply store and ask for false eyelashes, they’ll have a lot of follow-up questions. Do you want individual or strip lashes? Magnetic or glue? Here’s a breakdown of the styles:

  • Individual lashes can help add definition in certain areas of your natural lash line. They’re best used for a customizable look or if you want a natural look with certain individual eyelashes filled in. 
  • Strip lashes are the most common false eyelashes and are a strip of false lashes worn across your eyelid and secured with lash adhesive or eyelash glue. These are great for a more dramatic look or for someone that needs extra lashes all over. 
  • Magnetic lashes are for anyone that struggles with glue application or wants a more gentle and reusable false eyelash option. 

Shop by Material

The majority of false eyelashes are either made of synthetic materials or mink. It’s important to understand the difference between the two so you can pick the material that’s right for you. 

Synthetic lashes are most common and are made of synthetic plastic material. These are normally designed to be single-use only and will be slightly thicker than natural lashes

They are slightly heavier than other materials, so you might notice the weight on your lashes. However, synthetic lashes are stronger than mink lashes so if you’re a little rough with your lashes, this is the best choice for you!

There are also faux mink lashes, which are a more cost-effective (and much more ethical) alternative to real mink lashes. 

Shop by Eye Shape

Just like face shapes, there are different eye shapes. Knowing your eye shape will help determine what kind of false eyelashes are best for you. 

Monolids are eyelids without a crease. Upturned eyes lift higher at the outer corner than the inner corner. Downturned eyes are the opposite and slope downward at the outer corner.

These three eye shapes will benefit from fuller lashes at the outer corner to open your eyes up, if that’s something you desire! If your eyes are one of these shapes, consider purchasing individual or cluster lashes. This will allow you to focus the lashes at the outer corner, where they are most needed. 

Individual lashes are known to work best for hooded eyes, which are eyes that don’t show a crease when open. For these eye shapes, individual lashes can be applied in the center of your lash line to help open your eyes up at the pupil.

A full strip of false eyelashes will work best for round eyes or almond eyes. If you can see the whites of your eyes above or below your iris, you have round eyes. Almond eyes have no whites shown above or below the iris. You can experiment with these eye shapes to find the best strip that works for you.

What Do You Need To Do To Prep Your Natural Lashes?

Now that you’ve picked the right lashes, it’s time for the fun part to begin. We need to get to work to prep and apply those lashes!

First, make sure you’ve removed all previous eye makeup and mascara. We know that seems obvious, but anything left on your lashes will clump things up. Use eye makeup remover or micellar water to gently remove eye makeup without damaging your lashes. If you had lashes on before, make sure to get all the glue residue off!

Once the rest of your eye makeup is done. Apply your primer, eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, and anything else. Applying false lashes will help lock in your desired look in, so any changes should be made now. 

What About Mascara?

It can be confusing to know how mascara works with false eyelashes. Do you need it with false lashes? Do you put it on before or after? Do you use a certain kind? 

Take a deep breath. There’s no need to be overwhelmed when it comes to mascara and false lashes. We’ve got you, Kuties.

First, make sure to apply mascara before applying your false eyelashes. Putting mascara on your natural lashes will help the false lashes blend together. Blended lashes can help create a more seamless look, so don’t skip this step!

Put on one coat of mascara

A lengthening mascara will work best to make your natural lashes longer and give the false eyelashes more to blend with. Try to avoid waterproof mascara as the formula can damage your false eyelashes

Once your false lashes are on, avoid applying more mascara or using an eyelash curler after you have already applied mascara. For starters, you won’t need it. Your lashes will already be popping! More importantly, mascara can actually ruin your false lashes and shorten their lifespan. If you’ve spent the money on reusable lashes, you better get your money’s worth!

Ready, Set, Glam

It’s go time! Let’s get those lashes on!

First, gently remove your lashes from the box. Remember that false eyelashes are delicate, so you don’t want to rip them. Start with the outer corner and slowly loosen the glue, removing the lashes. 

Next, measure your lashes and trim any excess of the false lash. I know it can seem like bigger is better, but if your lashes are too long it candrag the appearance of your eyes down. Cut from the outer edge of the lashes to avoid ruining the lash. 

Once this is done, carefully apply the glue directly to the vein of the lashes. Use a thin layer and be careful not to overapply. It’s tempting to immediately put the lashes on before the glue dries, but you actually need to wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get nice and tacky first. Patience is key.

Using a pair of tweezers, carefully pick up the lashes, and apply them to your lash line and inner corner of your eye. Look down in a mirror to help see exactly where to apply. If you’re using a strip, start in the center and then carefully press down in the inner and outer edges. If you’re using individual lashes, apply only to the areas you chose to focus on. 

Open your eyes! If they’re not glued shut, you did it! Using the tweezers again, carefully squeeze your natural lashes to the false ones to help blend them together. You can even use your (clean) fingers to help smooth the crease. 

You might not recognize yourself in the mirror because you’re a glam babe now! 

Wrapping It Up

False eyelashes are totally worth the hype! They make your eyes appear bigger and help your eye makeup pop. 

Best of all, applying fake eyelashes is no longer only for professionals. Pick the right lashes, prep your lashes, and carefully apply and you’ll be able to rock glamour lashes every day!



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