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How To Apply Eyeshadow: Tips for Beginners

How To Apply Eyeshadow: Tips for Beginners

Each day it’s the same foundation, the same mascara, and the same concealer. You’re a pro at applying all those by now. Eyeshadow can change each day, and it can be pretty overwhelming to know how to master each look. 

Do you want a natural look or a dramatic smokey eye? There are a lot of choices to be made when it comes to eyeshadow, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you’re new to eyeshadow and want to perfect your skills, remember to pick the right product, prep your eyes, and use the right tools. Read on to find out some tips for beginners!

Why Wear Eyeshadow?

If you’re nervous about wearing eyeshadow, don’t be. It’s really easy to apply and can change your look so much that it would be a mistake to skip it. 

If your eyes are one of your favorite features, you will definitely want to emphasize them. Eyeshadow is a great way to draw attention to your eyes and add depth and dimension to them. If you wish your eyes were more of a focal point, you can use eyeshadow to make your eyes look bigger. 

There are so many different styles of eyeshadow that you can do a different look depending on the event, what you’re wearing, and how dramatic the rest of your makeup is. A natural eye is a great look for the daytime or a casual event. If you’re going to a fancy event, or out on the town for the night, you can play with more colors to create a more dramatic eye!

How To Find the Right Product

Like other makeup, eyeshadow comes in a variety of formulas, each with a specific use. Each kind of eyeshadow has different application techniques, as well and pros and cons. Learning more about each will help you determine which formula is best for you, or how they can be used together. 

Because powder eyeshadow is the most versatile and easiest to use, this article will focus on the tools and applications of that type of eyeshadow. It’s good to know about other types as well so additional information is included below. 


Powder eyeshadow is made of pressed colored powder and is the most common form of eyeshadow. These powders can be found in a palette of many colors or sold on their own. 

True beginners should start here as powder eyeshadows are definitely the easiest to use. They are easy to use and easy to blend. Even better, they are easy to remove if you make a mistake, which might happen if you’re a beginner. It happens to all of us!

Powder eyeshadows are often sold in a set including a couple of coordinating colors. It’s highly recommended for beginners to purchase a set like this. As we’ll discuss later on, different colors will be applied to different parts of your eyes so having a set that works together will be extremely helpful. 


Cream eyeshadow comes in a cream that’s easy to blend. It comes in a more pigmented hue than powder eyeshadow and can help really make the color pop! One con to this formula is that it doesn’t come in a matte finish, so if you don’t want any shine on your eyes, this isn’t for you. 


Liquid eyeshadow is a pigmented lightweight liquid meant to tint your eyelids. A major pro of this type of eyeshadow is that it’s very long-lasting and hard to smudge. However, as a result of this, mistakes made with this eyeshadow can be hard to remove so make sure you get it right the first time or pick a different kind of eyeshadow if you’re a beginner. 

How Do I Prep My Eyes for Eyeshadow?

Face primer, lip primer, lash primer- we love primer! Eyeshadow primer is just as important as the others. 

Similar to other primers, eyeshadow primer smooths out wrinkles or imperfections on your eyelids. This allows your shadow to go on easily and without bumps. An uneven application of shadow can result in discoloration and not achieving the look you want. 

Eyeshadow primer is extremely important when it comes to making your eyeshadow last longer. If you’re using powder eyeshadow, you absolutely cannot skip the primer! Without primer, the normal oils on your eyelids can smudge the shadow and ruin your look. The primer will act as a barrier that prevents oils from getting to the shadow. 

Using a primer will make your shadows last longer and apply more smoothly. As a result, the colors you pick will look more pigmented and will pop against your skin. Eyeshadow primer has so many benefits, it’s a no-brainer to use!

What Tools Do I Need?

Before you begin your application, make sure you have the proper tools ready to help you nail the look. You’ll need the following brushes to apply eyeshadow:

  • Flat brush: This packing brush with flat edges will help you apply your base coat of shadow. 
  • Fluffy brush: The largest eyeshadow brush will help apply shadow to your crease, but will also help blend colors. 
  • Angled brush: This brush can be used to fill in your brows, or apply shadow as eyeliner. 

There are lots of makeup brushes out there, and as you get more experienced with the eyeshadow application, you might want to add more to your collection. These three brushes are a great starting point for beginners. 

How Do I Apply Eyeshadow?

It’s glam time! Your eyes are primed, your brushes are ready, and you’ve found the perfect eyeshadow to start!

Before you start, make sure you review a diagram of your eye. You want to make sure you know the difference between the crease and the lid so you’re applying eyeshadow to the right parts.  

Base Color

Pick a base color for your look. The base color will be the lightest color, most similar to your skin tone. For a natural look, this might be a rose tone, golden tone, or earthy honey tone

Apply the base color to your flat brush. Be careful to lightly shake off any extra powder. Excess powder on the brush can transfer to your face, or under your eyes, which can make a mess and ruin any face makeup you already put on. 

Using the flat brush, apply the base color all over your eyelid. Blend the color across the eyelid carefully. If you want a deeper color, add another coat once the first application is done. 

Add Depth

The darker color of your palette should be applied to the crease of your eye to add depth and make your eyes pop. Use your fluffy brush for the crease, and be sure to gently shake off any excess color. 

Some palettes come with multiple options for the darker color. Kaja Beauty’s Beauty Bento has two coordinating dark colors you can choose for the crease. Pick a color depending on how dramatic you want your eyes to be. Play around with both on different days to get the look you want!

Remember that this color is darker, and less is more. You can always add an extra coat, so lightly dip your fluffy brush for the first coat. 

Sweep the brush along the crease gently. Avoid your inner eye, as a darker color here could make your eyes look smaller. Make sure your eyes are open for this step so you can be sure you’re applying to the right spot. 

Check Your Work

Starting with one eye, lightly blend the two colors together at the crease to make sure there isn’t a harsh divide. You want the colors to look as if they easily blend together, not as if there is a sharp line between them. 

Closing one eye at a time, make sure your eyes look similar. Brush off your brush and apply another coat if one eye is darker than the other. 

You’re done! You’ve completed a simple, neutral look using powder eyeshadow! Practice this look a few times before moving on to a more advanced look, but you’ll be a pro in no time!

Do I Need To Clean My Brushes?

YES! Cleaning your brushes is key to ensuring your eyeshadow goes on smoothly and to make sure bacteria doesn’t build up. Clean your eyeshadow brushes at least once a week

Cleaning your brushes is a simple task. Use gentle soap or a makeup brush cleanser and rub the wet bristles into your clean palm. Rinse the bristles, squeeze out the water, and put them on a clean towel to dry. Add this into your routine to keep your skin healthy and brushes effective!

Wrapping It Up

Applying eyeshadow isn’t just for the experts. If you get the right products and the right tools, you can easily learn to apply eyeshadow like a pro! 

Remember to prime your eyes, use the right brushes, and carefully apply. Check your work when you’re done and wash your brushes once a week. You’ll master this easy neutral eye and will be ready for a dramatic eye in no time!



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