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2 Simple Makeup Looks Using Just Lip Liner and Lip Gloss

2 Simple Makeup Looks Using Just Lip Liner and Lip Gloss

If you’re a fellow makeup fanatic, you probably have lots of options when it comes to lip color and making your lips stand out. We love a dramatic lip or a classic red lip, but there’s also a lot to be said for a simple lip. 

Maybe you want your eyes to be the focus, or maybe you’re going for a more natural look overall. Did you know that you only need a handful of lip products to put together tons of simple makeup looks?

Below, you’ll find some simple, adorable makeup looks you can create using just lip liner and lip gloss. We’ll also talk about what lip gloss and lip liner are and our best application tips. It’s time to elevate your look, Kutie!

What Is Lip Gloss?

Simply put, lip gloss is a lip product designed to add shine or shimmer to your lips. When your lips are shiny, it helps attract the eye to them and emphasizes your lips as the most important part of your face. 

Lip gloss is made of oils and waxes, but it relies on the oil to create its slick texture and shine. Some of the oils used in lip gloss have other benefits to your lips, too. Kaja Beauty’s Gloss Shot lip gloss contains tons of oils designed to hydrate and soften your lips, such as jojoba seed oil and rosehip fruit oil. 

This lip gloss also contains squalane, an emollient designed to mimic a moisturizer that’s naturally produced by our bodies. This ingredient ensures that your lips will be hydrated, allowing for a better lip gloss application. 

Powerful ingredients, healthy lips, and shine that will capture everyone’s attention? Lip gloss is a star!

How To Apply Lip Gloss

When it comes to lip gloss application, you’re in luck. Lip gloss is one of the easiest makeup products to apply. 

The trick to applying lip gloss is to manage the level of shine so that it’s not overwhelming. You also want to make sure you aren’t overapplying, as this could cause the excess shine to end up all over your face. 

If you’re applying a high-shine or clear lip gloss like Kaja’s Gloss Shot, start by applying a dab of lip gloss to the center of your lower lip and then rub your lips together. You can apply lip gloss to your whole bottom lip if you want more shine. A lip gloss like this is so easy to apply, you don’t even need a mirror!

For colored or tinted lip glosses like Kaja’s Heart Melter, simply rub the application over your lips in one coat. Because these glosses are pigmented, you want to make sure you include the whole lip rather than just one part. 

Rub your lips together, and you’ve got a stunning lip look. If you want more shine, go for a second coat!

What Is Lip Liner?

If you hear lip liner and think of overly lined lips or lip liner shades darker than the lip color, take a deep breath. Lip liner looks have come a long way and can be much more subtle. There are also a lot of benefits to using lip liner that you might not know. 

Lip liner is a tool you can find in pencil or liquid form. It’s used to outline the lips before applying lipstick, as a lip color on its own, or as a primer for lip products. It comes in an array of colors like lipstick does. 

Make sure you have a liner that’s close to the natural color of your lips—you’ll need a subtle hue to use with lip gloss!

How To Apply Lip Liner

Depending on the purpose of your lip liner, there are a few different ways to apply it. Since we’re talking about lip gloss and lip liner today, we will focus on our two favorite ways to apply lip liner with lip gloss—but remember, the options for application are endless!

First, try applying liner as a base all over your lips. Using lip liner like this creates a primer for your lip makeup. Its powdery finish creates a texture that sticks to lip gloss, making it last longer. We love the sound of that!

Start by picking a color similar to your natural lip color or slightly lighter than the tint of the lip gloss you’re using. You want to make sure the lip liner color doesn’t detract from your lip gloss and that it will look natural if your gloss starts to fade. 

Lightly outline the natural shape of your lips with the liner. Then use the pencil to fill in the lips with one coat of liner. Once done, you can apply another coat to the corners of your lip to help create a pout and make sure your lip gloss sticks to that area. 

You can also use lip liner with lip gloss to create a barrier around your lips. This barrier will prevent lip gloss from traveling outside your lips and smearing on your face. To do this, start at the middle of your upper lip and trace your lips. 

Be careful to line on the inside of your lip edge so that you don’t accidentally overline your lips. Once this is done, you can apply lip gloss on top. 

Our Favorite Lip Gloss and Lip Liner Makeup Looks

There are so many stylish lip looks that you can achieve with just lip liner and lip gloss. Because these tools are so easy to apply, all of these looks are simple to create and flattering for everyone!

The Classic Red Lip—Updated!

When it comes to makeup looks, the first one that comes to mind is the classic red lip. This simple look normally uses a natural eye and makeup and lets the attention focus on the lips. 

To complete this look, pick a classic red lip liner to complement your gloss. Line the edges of your lips carefully, and make sure to emphasize your pout. Once the outline of your lips is complete, line the remainder of your lips so that they’re completely covered. 

When you’re done, you should have a matte red lip. While a matte lip is a classic look, let’s update it and add some shine! Grab a clear lip gloss or a red-tinted gloss, then apply it over your lips. Now you have a simple-but-shiny classic red lip! 

It Doesn’t Get More Simple Than a Nude Lip 

A nude lip is far from boring! It’s a stunning complement to a dramatic eye or a stellar addition to a natural look. Plus, this nude lip look adds a pop of shine, which is never boring!

Since your bare lips will be the star here, we want to make sure they’re in tip-top shape. Before starting this look, apply a lip scrub to exfoliate and remove any dead skin or cracks. Once you finish, apply a lip balm to smooth the surface and make sure it’s prepped for lip liner. Kaja’s Balmy Bento has both of the products you need for excellent lip prep!

Pick a color lip liner that closely mimics the natural color of your lips, whether that’s rose, peach, beige, cinnamon, mauve, or chocolate. We’ve got something in our color palette for everyone who loves nude lips! Outline your lips starting at the crest of your upper lip. Once your nude liner is complete, use your finger to smudge the edges slightly. This will allow the lip liner to still maintain a barrier for lip gloss and make the look seem more natural. After that, follow up with a clear or slightly tinted lip gloss. That’s it! How simple was that?

Millions of Liner and Gloss Possibilities

Although we went through two simple looks today using just lip liner and lip gloss, the possibilities are endless! Now that you know the ways to use lip liner and lip gloss together, you can experiment on your own with your favorite color and look combos. 

When you’re experimenting, remember that you can use lip liner to create a barrier around your lips or as a primer. These techniques will allow your lip gloss to last longer and keep it from smearing. 

Also, remember that lip gloss will add shine, shimmer, and sparkle to your lips and can be used to capture people’s attention. If you want your lips to pop, gloss them up, Kutie! We can’t wait to see the simple and beautiful looks you create with lip liner and lip gloss. 


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